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any isomeric saturated hydrocarbon found in petroleum and used as a fuel and solvent

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The new 95 octane petrol will be at a higher quality and with better efficiency," said El-Molla
The minister explained consumer behavior after the price adjustment and selection of the proper octane number.
With its Octane decision, district court judges have gotten more discretion on attorney's fees in patent cases, Telscher said.
The Titanium Octane falls short in terms of screen resolution and battery capacity, but at such a low price tag and featuring the latest Android 4.
In order to reduce knocking, higher octane fuel is used as it can be compressed more than regular fuel before it detonates.
It also enables them to know if the correct fuel type, Jayyid or Mumtaz, is used in relation to the octane number and the difference between premium and regular petrol sold at stations.
Octane III is easily configurable with single- and dual-socket node choices, and offers a wide selection of performance, storage, graphics, GP-GPU and integrated networking options.
Improves miles per gallon by 14 per cent: Average mpg on standard unleaded was 22mpg rising to 25mpg on Tesco 99 Octane
For the determination of the concentration of ozone dissolved in octane 2-5 mL of the sample was intensively shaken with the water solution of indigo during 1 min.
For those clunkers and high-performance cars that need a little extra juice, Hamilton said, the gas station can easily provide a bottle of octane boost at the pump.
For more savings, find out the optimum octane-number gasoline for your car by referring to your owner's manual and evaluating your car's performance at different octane ratings.
eConvergent, a Business Solution Provider (BSP) for e-business customer interaction, has become partners with Octane Software, Inc.
Thus refiners will have to do something to replace the lost octane.
Octane Software Inc has launched a hosted version of Octane 2000, its Internet-based customer care suite.