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any polyhedron having eight plane faces

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A spectacular specimen from Italian Mont Blanc, with a perfect 2-cm pink fluorite octahedron on a lustrous, 10-cm, terminated, pale smoky quartz crystal, collected in 1986, was marketed at the 1990 Tucson Show (Robinson and King, 1990).
So Octahedron has been sold, half of it so far, to owner occupiers.
In contrast, his lab's new octahedron is extremely rigid and could serve as a reliable nanoscale component.
The crystals are square in cross-section, and finely striated by alternating octahedron faces perpendicular to the axis of elongation.
Mr Blair defended his fiveyear education plan with its goal of turning comprehensives into 'independent' specialist secondaries and city academies, and university top-up fees, to teachers logged on to the Octahedron website.
In 1887, Lord Kelvin proposed an arrangement based on a polyhedron obtained by slicing off the six vertices of an octahedron (which has eight triangular faces) at a certain distance from each vertex.
An octahedron of aluminum tubing forms the crane's support structure.
A final flurry of moves produces an octahedron again, now turned inside out.
The microdiamond is pale yellow and is an octahedron modified with minor development of dodecahedral faces and very minor cube faces.
Depending on the material, these Wulff shapes may have the form of a cylinder, a cube, an octahedron or some other polyhedron.
The two largest diamonds are a colourless composite crystal and a pale brown octahedron weighing 0.
The two largest diamonds are a colourless clear octahedron and a colourless composite crystal weighing 0.
The largest diamond recovered was a colourless octahedron weighing 0.
755), with epitactic overgrowths of an unknown tetragonal mineral along the octahedron edges.
A new jewel will soon glitter along the coastal Southern California landscape when the world's largest crystal octahedron is placed atop the entrance tower of the Gemological Institute of America's (GIA) world headquarters in Carlsbad.