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any polyhedron having eight plane faces

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Nanoscale MnO octahedrons have been prepared by decomposing manganese oleate in octadecene and S at high temperature [54].
The new crystals from Paprock are not green but an attractive, lustrous, translucent canary-yellow; they are octahedrons slightly beveled along the edges by incipient octahedron faces and on the corners by little cube faces.
Of course, each browser among the Currier cases had one or two favorite specimens: it was interesting to hear comments such as "Wow, look at that tourmaline!" or "I'd like to own that California gold!" or "How about that freibergite on pyrite from Bolivia!" Yes, and how about those huge pyrite octahedrons from Huanzala, Peru, or those 5-cm doubly terminated ludlamite crystals from Bolivia, or those tetrahedrite crystals to 16 cm from the Morococha District, Lima Department, Peru?
Lino has also gotten hold of some very old Swiss collections--one fluorite specimen from Val d'Ossola is a 15 X 35 cm matrix with 1-cm bright pink octahedrons, marked [euro]2,900.
The Kimberley diamond crystal illustrated here is a very gemmy, interestingly modified 1.4-cm octahedron weighing 11.3 carats.
The coordination polyhedral around Cu (II) can be described as an octahedron with slightly distorted.
This small square building constructed from the burnt bricks placed in an octagonal stone pillar, looks like an octahedron with a high dome and wide portal entrance from the outside, and from the inside it is an ordinary square room.
Taking into account the hydroxyl groups are shared by the octahedron edges, the presence of divalent or trivalent cations in one or more vicinal octahedron can change the bond energy of the hydroxyl groups in lamellae surface and these aspects were also inferred in above mentioned work [38].
In montmorillonite crystal structure, aluminum ions in aluminum-oxygen octahedron are easily replaced by various ions such as magnesium or iron, while the silicon ions in silicon-oxygen are easily replaced by aluminum.
The surface morphology of SrTi[O.sub.3] after subjecting to hot corrosion in [Na.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] + 50 wt.% [V.sub.2][O.sub.5] environment at 900[degrees]C reveals the octahedron shape morphology (Figure 4(a)).
The characteristic structure of these materials is constituted by two types of layers, linked through oxygen: one formed by tetrahedron and another one formed by octahedron with the thicknesses of 3 [Angstrom] and 4 [Angstrom], respectively [2].
The 14.55 eV plasmon is attributed to the octahedron bond vibrations Nb[O.sub.6] at 23.2 eV to lithium, and at 27 eV to the plasmon attributed to the vibrations of octahedral Li[O.sub.6], similarly to what was determined by Mukhtarov et al.
The two axial sites of the octahedron are occupied by N2 atom from the phenanthroline ligand and O4 atom from the methanol ligand, with the trans angle of N2-Ni-O4 = 170.75(11)[degrees].
Thereunto, for BSCF [Ba.sup.2+]/[Sr.sup.2+] ions are at the A site and Co/Fe ions are situated at the B site (the center of the oxygen octahedron).