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any polyhedron having eight plane faces

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The M[O.sub.x] shape will change from Nb[O.sub.6] octahedra to Nb[O.sub.4] tetrahedra.
They are located relatively near the organic linkers, which means the site has strong interaction with the organic linkers rather than the AlO4(OH)2 octahedra. Compared with the three Figs, ethane and propane are preferential adsorbed at sitedue to the strong vander hoff interactions with the AlO4(OH)2 octahedras, while methane with smaller size prefers to occupy the less energetical adsorption site site.
The cations leached from vermiculite interlayer and octahedra also influenced the pore size distribution.
Kaolinite, is a two-layer silicate mineral consisting of alternating layers of silica tetrahedra and aluminium hydroxide octahedra as shown in Figure 1.
Unlike basic units of silicon oxide and other metal oxides in widely used porous crystalline materials, the germanium-oxide units form secondary structures that contain six tetrahedra and four octahedra. These secondary structures assemble into the large-pore architecture.
For pyrite, the Fe[S.sub.6] octahedra share corners, but for marcasite they share edges normal to the c-axis.
Octahedra join through the hydroxyl groups to form the alumina sheet.
We figured that CO2 ice could crystallize as several forms related to the cube: into cubes themselves, of course, as well as octahedra, 12-sided rhombic dodecahedra, tetrahedra, or even much more complicated forms like pentagonal dodecahedra and 24- sided hexakisoctahedra.
The crystal structure of |MoO.sub.3~, for example, is comprised of Mo-O octahedra connected to form a 2D-sheet lattice 7 |Angstrom~ thick, in which the sheets are bonded together by Van der Waals forces.
This structure contains dimers of Cr[X.sub.6] (X = S, Se, or Te) octahedra and ninefold coordination between the A site and the chalcogen atoms.
The layered structure of the material consists of Mo[O.sub.6] octahedra held together by Van der Waals forces.
Ca[Nb.sub.2][O.sub.6] crystal possesses a low-symmetry crystal structure and the Ca and Nb cations are at the centre of the octahedra surrounded by six oxygen atoms in the Ca[Nb.sub.2][O.sub.6] columbite structure.