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the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one

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Stanza 14 specifies that each of the deities of the additional octad (as in Stuti 751 and the Sangsang plate, save for one variant) should be placed between the eight main directions.
7) The Saiva avarana may include, for example, the octads of Rudras known as Vidyesvaras and Murtis; the Lokapalas (along with, or symbolized by, their weapons); the attendant deities known as Ganesvaras; or the aspects/faces/limbs of Siva known as Brahmamantras and Sivangamantras.
She considered the possibility of a conflation between the two octads but did not investigate the matter further.
III returns yet more insistently, two heptads yielding the complete octad (VS, p.
9-13), when Dikoj browbeats Boris about his alleged laziness, the complete octad of Coll.
The octad governing these blocks is not entirely octatonic, but it does incorporate an octatonic heptad applicable to Coll.
Students may work as a class or in octads to find groupings of their tanka that work with those of others.