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Synonyms for ocher

a moderate yellow-orange to orange color


any of various earths containing silica and alumina and ferric oxide

of a moderate orange-yellow color


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Around me spreads a maze of serpentine lanes and zigzagging avenues, of gabled roofs and stone apartment houses whose ocherous reds and ashen grays harmonize with the pastel hues of the limestone hills defining the northern limits of the city.
The most typical sequence of horizons in a podzoluvisol is a thin dark (ocherous) A horizon on top of an albic E horizon.
"Iron oxide and hydroxides present in ferruginous clays, or added in the form of ocherous earths, for example will, on firing under reducing conditions, form spinel phases which are predominantly black in colour.
it's very difficult to remove the chalky white coatings of an unknown species [and therefore] most of the pieces [are] incompletely cleaned and not especially head-turning." Reportedly the specimens come from a near-surface zone of an ore deposit, so we may hope that later ones, found farther down, will not have the white to ocherous gunk on them and may be fresher-looking.
Pic flashes forward 17 years to March 2000 and the slightly ocherous tones of the preceding reels give way to sharp, bright colors.
Through the wood smoke and dust and swirl of car exhaust the late sun took on an ocherous radiance, the red light washing over the grunged and pitted streets.
The Clear Creek mine is situated within the northwestern part of this prominent zone of ocherous, silicified rock which strikes approximately north 30[degrees] west.