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Synonyms for ocellus

an eye having a single lens

an eyelike marking (as on the wings of some butterflies)


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--Frons with reddish brown mark that is not 3-pointed, dorsal central part usually closer to antennal insertion than to median ocellus (Fig.
Here, we reported on a new male phenotype in mangrove rivulus fish, with the diagnostic features being the absence of a melanistic fingerprint on the caudal fin typical of hermaphrodites, retention of the ocellus on the caudal peduncle, the lack of orange coloration on the body that is typical of males, and relatively small body size.
Along with a dark ocellus and the blue on the pectoral fin, this individual had faint banding on the sides a pattern often seen in this species (Humann and DeLoach 2004, Robertson and Allen 2015, Froese and Pauly 2017).
CREATURE FEATURES BRING Curator Richard Brown said: "A peacock train is formed by up to 150 covert feathers, which feature a distinct eye spot, known as an ocellus. Every peacock has an individual look and his success depends on their distinct colour pattern of these eyespots ZOO and the angle to which they're displayed.
Parafrontalia yellow, silvery pruinose, at the narrowest point as wide as anterior ocellus. Gena yellow, about 0.09-0.10 of eye height covered with sparse setae.
So that Dante's view is quite natural: this light as a river in Kung; in Ocellus, Coke, Agassiz rei, the flowing this persistent awareness Three Ninas from Gaudier Their mania is a lusting for farness Blind to the olive leaf, not seeing the oak's veins Wheat was in bread in the old days (1.46 after mid-night) Alan Upward's seal showed Sitalkas.
Head dull, granulated; frontal line absent (Figure 2); occipital carina incomplete, laterally not reaching eyes, not present on temple (Figure 3); POL= 2; OL= 3; OOL= 7; OPL= 2.5; TL= 4; greatest breadth of posterior ocellus about as long as OPL; temple present (Figure 3).
One medusa had eight tentacles, a reddish ocellus at the base of each tentacle and a new tentacle growing from the side of the bell (Fig.
The ascidian larva has pigment cells called the ocellus and otolith.
Here IP index of poda; SIF synthetic identification formula; fP formula of poda; fsp formula of segmented poda; Oc ocellus; fcx formula of coxa; fst formula of
Standard abbreviations used: A1-A10 = antennal segments 1-10; OOL = distance between lateral ocellus and eye; LOL = distance between lateral and anterior ocelli, T1-T6 = tergites 1-6.
Baroncelli, the Italian glass chandelier specialist has launched its new division, Commission, dedicated to the creation of centrepieces for prestigious interiors projects, such as Waldorf Astoria Ras Al Khaimah for which the company provided hand-crafted lighting designs, such as the Ocellus chandelier (pictured).
Males do not show a so called "rivulus spot" (a dark ocellus, or series of dark spots often surrounded by a yellowish color) on the upper caudal peduncle, but females have this spot (except for Rivulus sape, in which the ocellus was absent in all individuals examined) (Lasso-Alcala et.