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Synonyms for ocellus

an eye having a single lens

an eyelike marking (as on the wings of some butterflies)


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The Ocellated turkey calls the jungle home, and like our birds it comes out in agriculture fields to feed when possible.
My running spring tally was now at seven gobblers, and with two Ocellated birds in the bag, I feel I'm al-most over the hump.
Tokyo Sea Life Park is the only aquarium to have the ocellated icefish (Chionodraco rastrospinosus) A -- a unique vertebrate that has gin-clear blood and no scales, (http://www.france24.com/en/20130405-japan-aquarium-shows-mysterious-clear-blood-fish) Agence France-Presse reports .
Some rare and threatened species, like the Greater Rhea (Rhea americana), and the Ocellated Crake (Micropygia schomburgkii), appeared only in DryGr areas, whereas other species, such as the Horned Screamer (Anhima cornuta), and the Marsh Seedeater (Sporophilapalustris), used only FloGr areas.
Seeds of Carum copticum are mixed with seeds of Nigella sativa, leaves of Heliotropium indicum and Scoparia dulcis, rock salt, and tepa mach (Ocellated puffer fish, Tetraodon cutcutia Hamilton).
Researchers assumed turkey bones previously recovered from Maya sites belonged to the native ocellated turkey, Meleagris ocellata.
They were the western bottlenose, hyphen barb, mountain catfish, banded jewel fish, UZ bulldog and ocellated spiny eel.
The ocellated flounder and southern flounder also exhibited seasonal use of the creek, but in the springtime.
The ground floor gallery is packed with items including a brass Buddha, a model of the Empire State Building, a fancy dress outfit representing the River Mersey from 1912, and a display about the first Ocellated Turkey imported into Britain for Christmas, by Lord Derby in 1847.
Forewings broadest at apical third, rounded at apex, with 4-5 subapical cells and 8-9 apical cells, hyaline, sometimes with an oblique band or ocellated stripe.
The peafowl is considered sacred in Hindu mythology and is portrayed as a carrier of deities, and its ocellated tail feathers appear in many religious symbols.
The photo illustrating the ocellated skink Chalcides ocellatus (p.
The ocellated flounder Ancylopsetta quadrocellata were mostly collected in spring.
It is distinctive in having 12 or 13 dorsal soft rays, 13 anal soft rays, 19 pectoral rays, 98-100 scales in longitudinal series, males with filamentous third to fifth spines, lanceolate caudal fin, pelvic fins fully joined, pelvic frenum, and in colour: four broad dark orangish brown bars on body with irregular dark markings between; ocellated orange spots on spines and rays of dorsal fins; basal part of anal fin with adjacent narrow longitudinal bands of black, orange, blue, and blue-green; pelvic fins pale blue or green.