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used on the high seas

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He explained that the ship which is a 300-meter oceangoing vessel was built in 2011 has now left Iran for Taiwan's Kaohsiung port.
Nomad Yachts are engineered to offer premium comfort, safety, and oceangoing capability, and are both robust and chic in design, with an airy loft style apartment feel.
According to Scania, the addition of IMO Tier II certification means that more of its customers can benefit from the high engine torque offered by the company for coastal and oceangoing marine operations.
He has become deeply symbolic of China's vast potential to those eager to see their country's new economic power and international influence sustained across the world, supported by a powerful oceangoing navy.
Shafii-Rudsari further said that the nation's second oceangoing ship named Iran-Shahrekord will be officially launched by the end of current Iranian year.
Scientist James Winebrake and his team note that most oceangoing ships burn fuels with a high sulfur content that averages 2.4 percent.
- Any sort of hedge you can hack into a peacock, spaceship, oceangoing liner or crocodile, Drew.
The Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA), founded in 1917, is an organization that represents 30 US-based companies who own, operate, and/or charter US and foreign-flag ocean-going tankers, container ships, and dry bulk vessels engaged in both the domestic and international trades and companies that maintain a commercial interest in the operation of such oceangoing vessels.
The new analyses may enable scientists to better predict where rogue waves will strike--data well worth knowing for the captains of oceangoing vessels.
Every day 20,000 oceangoing containers enter the nation's 361 ports, according to Chicago-based global management consulting firm A.T.
Nearly 90% of global trade is by sea, involving a fleet of 45,000 oceangoing merchant ships.
Covering Inland and Oceangoing Vessels, Supply Boats, Platforms, Rigs, Tugs, Barges, Ports, Terminals & Shipyards
MOST OF THE oceangoing vacation boat industry is legally based in other countries, with mini-nations such as the Bahamas, Honduras, and Panama flying their flags proudly over Love Boats across the ocean blue.
The boat, one of the smallest of the old oceangoing fishing vessels, was named the Peter Harrison Foundation in tribute.
A new 76 mm round, tagged ART, or ammunition at reduced time of flight, is being touted as a non-lethal means of stopping oceangoing smugglers of weapons of mass destruction.