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Synonyms for occurrence

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Synonyms for occurrence

the condition or fact of being present


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Synonyms for occurrence

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World Trade Center Properties LLC, et al) in which the events of 9/11 were mostly defined as a single occurrence.
The term 'occurrence,' whenever used herein, shall mean an accident or a happening or event or a continuous or repeated exposure to conditions which unexpectedly and unintentionally results in personal injury, property damage or advertising liability during the policy period.
Such a subsequence is called an occurrence of a in [pi].
Frosts can be recorded using two criteria: visual observation of the formation of ice crystals on surfaces and inferences on frost occurrence using measurements of air temperatures.
Let [O.sub.n] ([tau]) denote the set of occurrences of [tau] in permutations [sigma] [member of] [S.sub.n] (132) such that n is an element in the occurrence, and let [O'.sub.n] ([tau]) be the set of occurrences of the pattern [tau] in permutations [sigma] [member of] [S.sub.n] (132) such that n is not an element in the occurrence.
Pratter, notes that, in keeping with previous cases and Pennsylvania law, "if all the injuries suffered by the underlying plaintiffs in this case stem from a single cause over which Devon had some control, then there would be a single occurrence under the parties' insurance policy."
More ARI cases were seen in 4-5 years of age group (47.3%) and in this age group 45.3% were males and 50.0% were females Overall occurrence of ARI was found to be 22.0%.
This occurrence raised the quantity of such passing's among the Indian armed force and police work force to 436 in occupied Kashmir since January 2007 till date.
Wells (1962) observed a large production of seeds in individuals at the largest occurrence at Indian Knob mountain.
Cherry Sano, municipal agricultural officer of Atok, Benguet, however, said frost occurrences are not a cause of concern, adding that it does not affect the vegetables.
The total limit of the insurer's liability for all personal injury damages was $10 million per occurrence. According to the judge's finding, "the policy does not define the term occurrence."
The petitioner, SECURA Insurance, A Mutual Company, seeks review of an unpublished, per curiam decision of the court of appeals affirming the circuit court's interlocutory order that determined the fire at issue constituted multiple occurrences instead of a single occurrence.
An "occurrence" to Ohio courts require that the damage is accidental, fortuitous, and not a normal business risk of a person in the construction business.
The protein forms, in channels of communication between platelets, in turn helps adhesion of platelets and the occurrence of clots by the transfer of some signs to stimulate occurrence of strokes.
As latency catastrophes silently emerge, insurance carriers face a dual problem: understanding how and when scientific theory reaches a tipping point giving rise to lawsuits, and then dealing with questions of coverage triggers and allocation of claims under occurrence liability policies.