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  • verb

Synonyms for occupy



take up



Synonyms for occupy

to live in (a place), as does a people

to seize and move into by force


to cause to be busy or in use

to make busy

to get and hold the attention of

Synonyms for occupy

keep busy with

live (in a certain place)

occupy the whole of


Related Words

be on the mind of

march aggressively into another's territory by military force for the purposes of conquest and occupation


consume all of one's attention or time

assume, as of positions or roles

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In other words, PISGA will become the civil administration or "puppet government" for the Israeli army in charge of occupying your own People.
51] In addition to Article 52, Article 53 allows an occupying force to requisition private movable property, which may serve as war materiel, provided that the property be "restored at the conclusion of peace, and indemnities paid.
The property's occupancy remains very low, at 51%, after the County of Bergen, occupying 49% of the NRA, vacated in 2001.
The three-story office property was purchased by Front Street Enterprise LLC, a current tenant in the building occupying approximately 20,000 square feet of space.
In what follows, I will focus only on Palestine which Israel succeeded in completely occupying after the 1967 war.
Farm Fresh, a supermarket occupying 49% of the NRA, vacated in 1998, but continues to make lease payments.
India was acting upon her traditional hostile policy of curbing the voice of the Muslim population of the occupied state for raising voice against the continued human rights abuses and state terrorism by Indian occupying forces in the Muslim-dominated Kashmir valley in particularly, Raja Zulqarnain said.
The landlord refused to renew the corporate lease based on the fact that Ole Pa was not occupying the apartment as its primary tenant.
Dropping such positions at this stage would be tantamount to forsaking international law and international legitimacy and effectively allowing the illegal, de facto situation created by Israel, the Occupying Power, to prevail when the time for negotiation arrives.
More than a third of the Palestinians were now faced with the enemy as their occupying master.
Also named in the action was the tenant's son, whom the owner believed was the person actually occupying the apartment; albeit without the owner's consent.
The basic flaw in the Oslo Agreements lies in their failure to extract from Israel an acknowledgment that it is in the occupied territories as an occupying power.
Calvin Klein's lease was one of the biggest leasing transactions on Madison Avenue, encompassing more than 20,000 square feet and occupying the ground and second floors, as well as the basement.
The RRRA provides for deregulation of housing accommodations occupied by certain "high income" tenants where the legal regulated rent was $2,000 or more per month as of October 1, 1993, and where the occupying tenant had a total annual income (federal adjusted gross income) in excess of $250,000 per year in each of the two years preceding the year in which an owner serves the tenant with an income certification form.