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  • verb

Synonyms for occupy



take up



Synonyms for occupy

to live in (a place), as does a people

to seize and move into by force


to cause to be busy or in use

to make busy

to get and hold the attention of

Synonyms for occupy

keep busy with

live (in a certain place)

occupy the whole of


Related Words

be on the mind of

march aggressively into another's territory by military force for the purposes of conquest and occupation


consume all of one's attention or time

assume, as of positions or roles

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5 : to perform the functions of <She occupies a position of authority.
The trust's acquisitions in Columbus, Ohio include the 147,000 square foot Crown Point Shopping Center which has 16 stores and occupies a 16 acre site.
Absolut, which currently occupies 20,000 s/f at 1370 Avenue of the Americas is doubling its office space in Manhattan, as part of the company's expansion.
BMC also agreed to extend the term of its lease on the space which it currently occupies in The Avallon.
The owner, American Self Storage, occupies the remaining space.
Anchin has grown steadily since moving into the Class B stand-out in 1987, going from just one floor to the six it now occupies in the 500,000 s/f office tower.