occupational hazard

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any condition of a job that can result in illness or injury

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If we consider the fact that 10-30% of workers from the evolved countries and 50-79% from the workers from the countries in course of evolution are constantly exposed to occupational risk factors or are working in non-ergonomic conditions we just can draw the conclusion that the problem of evaluating these factors and the study of their genesis (appearance, development, manifestation, effects) is a clef for amelioration/optimization of professional life--the "iceberg" model (Roughton & Mercurio, 2002).
To the specific point, Rousmaniere's article quoted John Ingram as regards, "China is gaining in a few years what America achieved in 100 years of managing occupational risk.
The employer should designate one or more workers to carry out activities related to the protection and prevention of occupational risks (Article 7).
As tort litigation shifts to include a variety of occupational risks from silica dust to exposure to welding rod fumes and benzene, courts and legislatures across the country are undertaking effective tort reform initiatives to limit asbestos recoveries, which act as models for other mass tort settings.
In contrast, the death rate for other professions with occupational risk, such as police officer or firefighter, has been well defined.
Occupational risks may be associated with the operation of certain disposal facilities.
From a gender perspective, it can be concluded that women, as a group, are not compensated for their occupational risks to the same extent as men.
The goals were to identify profiles of adolescent farmworkers in production agriculture across the United States; to identify occupational risks specific to adolescent farmworkers; and to plan, implement, and evaluate interventions to eliminate or minimize occupational health and safety risks of adolescent farmworkers.
Substance abuse is a staggering issue when potential occupational risks are considered.
Also included are tables summarizing silicosis and asthma surveillance data collected by states funded by the Sentinel Event Notification Systems for Occupational Risks Program.
While it would be wrong to consider these changes in terms of risk alone, there is no doubt that new occupational risks have developed.
Resident safety and protection of staff from occupational risks are at stake.
Its results will change how doctors counsel pregnant women regarding occupational risks, especially those that cause symptoms in the women, he predicts.
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