occupational hazard

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any condition of a job that can result in illness or injury

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Datasets that have been further disaggregated to the ZIP code or census tract level will increase the statistical power of future analysis of occupational risk factors and increase the utility of mapping for local level adaptation planning.
The importance of occupational risk analysis and evaluation is linked with the work systems safety assurances and production systems environment policies development and implementation, too.
Rather, we are trying to emphasize that PPE should be suitable and appropriate for the occupational risk.
As tort litigation shifts to include a variety of occupational risks from silica dust to exposure to welding rod fumes and benzene, courts and legislatures across the country are undertaking effective tort reform initiatives to limit asbestos recoveries, which act as models for other mass tort settings.
At the same time they caution against any additional transfer of occupational risks to workers in the South.
Substance abuse is a staggering issue when potential occupational risks are considered.
This research should be used as a benchmark when counseling pregnant women on occupational risks.
Resident safety and protection of staff from occupational risks are at stake.
Its results will change how doctors counsel pregnant women regarding occupational risks, especially those that cause symptoms in the women, he predicts.
Several important assumptions about female physiology and occupational risks were proven incorrect by the body of research produced during the past 10 years.
Drafting of safety and health studies, review security plans and health check compliance with the legislation on prevention of occupational risks.
As shale gas and liquids development are experiencing exponential growth in North America, a wide range of operational risks have been realized, including gas flaring, fugitive emissions, rail transport incidents, water management, fracking chemicals, explosions, fires, infrastructure limitations, occupational risks, and asset integrity issues," said Elisabeth Torstad, CEO of DNV GL Maritime and Oil & Gas.
According to health experts, occupational risks may be associated with the operation of certain disposal facilities.
That to some degree conditioned public receptivity to alarms about occupational risks.
The conference is held on " Role of Enterprises' Advisory Committees in Success of National Programme of Prevention of Occupational Risks.
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