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a license to pursue a particular occupation

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He also said that the farmers had previously applied for temporary occupation licenses (TOL), after receiving a similar notice nine years ago.
The letter further stated that in accordance to the provisions of short leases and temporary occupation licenses executed between Kenyan railways and yourselves, which states that 'either party may terminate this agreement/term of lease at any time during subsistence of my tenancy by giving one month notice in writing.
Besides, the approval of building more than 560 settlement units in Jerusalem settlements, including Kfar Adumim 92 and Har Hadar 10, 92 additional housing units in the " Kfar Adumim ," 135 units in the "Tana Omrim" south of Hebron, 42 units in the Carmel "settlement, 24 units in Maaleh Hefer, 57 "Ngohot," and 45 units have been built and waiting for occupation licenses.
Third, over this time period, the number of occupation licenses for all types of occupations has increased.
Issuance of discount and promotional campaign licenses; issuance of business and occupation licenses; registration of occupation licenses; registration of business licenses and renewal of business and occupation licenses (all under DED).
'This in in correspondence to the cancellation of Temporary Occupation Licenses by the county government of Mombasa on all un-alienated government land in the county of Mombasa in the year 2013,' the notice reads in part.