occupancy rate

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the percentage of all rental units (as in hotels) are occupied or rented at a given time

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Saturday was the day of the week which attracted the most trade for city hotels during August with an occupancy rate of 88%, followed by Fridays and Wednesdays with 81%.
The lowest occupancy rates were registered in Slovakia, at 33.7%, Romania, at 35.3%, and Poland, at 44%.
Six major markets with low occupancy rates in May 2010-89.8 percent to 92 percent-increased their occupancy levels between 142.5 and 333.4 basis points.
The QTA statistics released on Tuesday noted that occupancy rates for all hotels in the country are up nearly 10 percent in 2011 compared to last year, According to Khaddouri Qatar's position as a successful destination for sports and a growing reputation in the MICE sector for hosting meetings and events shows the confidence that the business and hospitality sector has in Qatar's current and potential growth.
What we don't want to see is an increase in infections such as MRSA, which have been linked to high bed occupancy rates.
The occupancy rates at hotels in Dubai, which topped Deloitte's hotel occupancy index earlier, have plummeted during the period.
In an interview later, Lydon said the 40 percent figure referred to a mid-week occupancy rate, and the projected monthly average occupancy rate for January was 55 percent with an average room rate of $222.
Nationally, the office occupancy rate was 87.7 percent at the end of the second quarter, the report said.
In Brookfield Properties' primary markets of New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Calgary and Ottawa, the occupancy rate at the end of 2005 improved to 95.6%, up from 94.0% at the end of 2004.
In skilled nursing, however, the median occupancy rate declined from 88 percent during the fourth quarter to 87 percent during the first quarter of 2005.
(In NIC's research, "penetration" is defined as the number of units or beds available for all the age 75+ households in a certain market.) For example, six of the bottom ten MSAs that NIC has ranked in terms of their overall occupancy rate (for all property types combined) are ranked among the top ten on highest overall penetration rate.
The series of bombings from Natal in 2000 and sectarian and communal conflicts and violent demonstrations in Jakarta caused a decline in the occupancy rate of hotels in the capital city.
The passenger occupancy rate of domestic flights of nine Japanese airlines using Tokyo's Haneda airport fell to a record low of 56.5% in April, the Haneda airport authority said Tuesday.
The September occupancy rate was 79% - the highest figure on record.
Barnes Quinn's occupancy rate was depressed by several vacant buildings.