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While the occultist is absconding, the suspects -- Ramgopal, his mother Siyawati and their relative Ramshankar, who is afflicted with polio -- have been charged with murder under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.
Lovecraft's appeal to occultists, especially considering his own materialism, may seem very strange to some people.
029 2087 8889 FILM A Dark Song (15) Sophia hires an occultist in order to perform the ancient invocation ritual so she can have a wish granted but as they get deeper into the rite, they risk their sanity and even their souls.
This was Britain's most bizarre wartime propaganda exercise - and its architect was former Worcestershire schoolboy Cecil Williamson, a highprofile occultist.
In fact, legend has it he was besties with the Pope, a practising occultist, a spy and (most likely) a bit of a fantasist who threw wild society bashes attended by everyone from HG Wells to high profile Nazis.
Occultist Leo Vinci presents The Book of Practical Candle Magic, a guide to magical techniques requiring only a minimum of equipment and experience.
The infamous occultist and mountaineer, Aleister Crowley; engineer and artist, Leonardo Da Vinci and the greatest songwriter alive today, Neil Young.
BORN WOODY Allen, US filmmaker, 1935, above BETTE Midler, US singer, 1945 PABLO Escobar, drug baron, 1949 DIED EDMUND Campion, English martyr, 1581 ALEISTER Crowley, occultist, 1947, above STEPHANE Grappelli, jazz violinist, 1997
Austin Osman Spare: The Occult Life of London's Legendary Artist provides a definitive account of the occultist and artist of the Edwardian art world whose work was deemed that of a genius and the work of an immoral soul.
The accused, identified as Nadeem, was reportedly committed the crime on the advice of a fake `pir' (occultist) that he should sacrifice three children to get his desires fulfilled.
Earlier, he was convinced by an occultist (pir) for presence of buried wealth.
This book is a history of alchemy in the West, beginning with Hellenistic Egypt and ending with the psychologizing and occultist formulations of Jung, Eliade, and Regardie in the twentieth century.
Huckvale is not an occultist, atheist, nor ascribes to any metaphysical beliefs, but is nonetheless interested in how occult practices/beliefs/symbols inspire music and express genuine emotions and existential needs.
The book also examines the peer's unusual relationship with occultist Aleister Crowley, dubbed by the press at the time as "the wickedest man in the world" who built up a reputation as a disciple of the Devil.
JUST when former wild child Peaches Geldof looked to be settled with cute hubby, baby and babybump, she has become fascinated with a religion once led by an occultist.