occult arts

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supernatural practices and techniques


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David Huckvale (writer, critic, former BBC Radio worker) presents a fascinating survey of the relationships between ancient, medieval, early modern, and contemporary "occult arts" and Western music.
After establishing the various intellectual positions of medieval Europe on the efficacy and moral implications of astrology, Ryan investigates the significance of the occult arts in Iberia by assessing the intellectual positions of Iberian authors of the "three faiths," such as Moses Maimonides, Abd Rabbih, and King Alfonso X of Castile.
Filipinos who wonder why their lives remain miserable despite their religiosity should check if they still adhere to pagan things or practices, like fortune-telling and amulets, or consulting practitioners of occult arts.
Marie-Dominique Couzinet's Sub specie hominis is a challenging book on ways of human knowing through God, nature, occult arts, and history, with discussions
Morandi's climb up the social ladder began in Florence, where he joined the circle around Giovanni de' Medici and, in his company, became an expert in the occult arts of alchemy and a reader of books on the Catholic Index by such authors as Paracelsus, Telesio, and Reuchlin.