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Synonyms for occlusion

closure or blockage (as of a blood vessel)

(meteorology) a composite front when colder air surrounds a mass of warm air and forces it aloft

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(dentistry) the normal spatial relation of the teeth when the jaws are closed

the act of blocking

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For a one-to-one link between a disorder and a factor, the 2419 occlusion papers, or otherwise, the 52 RCTs, the highest level of research in the pyramid of evidence [88], should have been more than sufficient to elucidate the link between both.
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The regional analysis of the Retinal Occlusion Market observes that the Americas region controls the retinal vein occlusion market due to the growing prevalence of patients, the incidence of key market companies and development of surgical results.
In hospital outcomes of PCI in patients with CTO, insights from the ERCTO (European Registry of Chronic Total Occlusion) registry.
Hypertension is associated with venous occlusion. These patients require early ocular management and proper monitoring to prevent blindness.
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Table 2 shows the results of analysis of mean recovery heart rate during recovery in protocol II (occlusion) control and experimental groups.
Pathogenicity and occlusion body production then were characterized from individual AgMNPV genotypes as well as their mixtures.
Computed tomographic angiography and digital subtraction angiography (Figure 1a) revealed occlusion of the distal aspect of the left MCA M1 segment.
Acute myocardial infarction (AMI) is a clinical manifestation of coronary disease resulting from coronary artery occlusion that leads to irreversible myocardial ischemia and progresses to myocardial necrosis.
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