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Synonyms for contact


get or be in touch with


Synonyms for contact

a coming together so as to be touching

a situation allowing exchange of ideas or messages

an acquaintance who is in a position to help

to bring into or make contact with


to succeed in communicating with


Synonyms for contact

close interaction

the act of touching physically

the state or condition of touching or of being in immediate proximity

a person who is in a position to give you special assistance


Related Words

a channel for communication between groups

(electronics) a junction where things (as two electrical conductors) touch or are in physical contact

a communicative interaction


a thin curved glass or plastic lens designed to fit over the cornea in order to correct vision or to deliver medication

be in or establish communication with

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The present study evaluated this relationship both directly and indirectly, by means of asymmetry of bite force and occlusal contact area.
Ott, Proschel [28] (1985) found a relationship between occlusal contact and wedge-shaped defects in posterior teeth.
In the transitional trial period, adjust the occlusal contact points relationship between the maxillary and mandibular dentition as an anterior-posterior protected occlusion.
For group 1 patients all occlusal contacts on the functional and nonfunctional cusps as well as on the marginal ridges were reduced by 1 mm by using a diamond bur in a high-speed handpiece with copious water spray.
The occlusal/ palatal ramp was developed on the maxillary denture to guide the mandible into maximum intercuspation, and provide a broader occlusal contact area, thus achieving correct sagittal relationship, enhancing stability of dentures and improving masticatory abilty.
Bekke et al (1992) showed that occlusal contact influence muscle activity during mastication.
After confirming the presence of occlusal contact with articulating paper patients in the OR group had all occlusal contacts on the functional and nonfunctional cusps as well as on the marginal ridges reduced by 1 mm by using a diamond bur in a high-speed handpiece with copious water spray.
Tooth wear is the non-carious loss of tooth tissue due to attrition erosion or abrasion.1 Attrition is the loss of enamel dentine or restoration by tooth to tooth contact during normal/ para-functional masticatory activities.2 It is located only in occlusal contact areas and with shiny flat wear facets3 and appears to be a general physiologic phenomenon at all ages.4
After mounting observe the occlusal contact rela- tionship rotation supra eruption and drifting.
biological complications including dental caries, coronal or radicular abutment fracture, root canal treatment failure, periapical lesions, peri- odontal problems and mechanical failures including occlusal interference, no occlusal contact, decemen- tation of the prosthesis, esthetic problems, porcelain and metal fractures.
Yuji sato did a modification in christensens method, in situation where the maximum occlusal contact is not on the cusp tip, thereby its on the slope of the cusp, in that case he build up composite cone to provide stability for the vertical stop.
Sato, "Relationship between occlusal contact patterns and the prevalence of non-carious cervical lesions," Journal of Dental Health, vol.
An occlusal splint is a removable device usually made of hard acrylic that fits over the occlusal and incisal surface of the teeth in one arch, creating precise occlusal contact with the teeth of the opposing arch (5).
(2016) (22) highlighted the relationship between TMD and dental occlusion using the T-Scan III version 8.0 occlusal analysis system to determine the occlusal contact points.
estimated the occlusal contact in the intercuspal position by using occlusal registration strips and showed that the number of occlusal contacts was significantly decreased in patients undergoing OA therapy [20].