occluded front

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(meteorology) a composite front when colder air surrounds a mass of warm air and forces it aloft


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An occluded front approached the treefall location during the early morning hours of 27 January, as suggested by the tongue of warm air extending into a 999-hPa low center positioned west of the Washington coast in the 9-h forecast of the 12-km grid-spacing University of Washington (UW) Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model simulation (1) initialized at 0000 UTC 27 January 2018 (Fig.
The passage of the occluded front was evident in the surface data.
That forms an occluded front. Expect cold-front weather.
The surface trough is identified as a front, while the occluded front is not captured.
Where the fronts collide, the warm air mass is pushed aloft, and the front left on the ground is referred to as an occluded front (4).
An occluded front (not shown) is normally drawn in purple and has the cold and warm front marks on the same side of the line.
The cloud head is positioned along the boundary of two air masses, as represented by the occluded front in Fig.