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closed off

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(of a substance) taken into and retained in another substance


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A retrograde access via the direct puncture of the occluded artery was considered after failed attempts to antegrade access.
Assessment of left ventricular function after percutaneous coronary intervention of chronic total occluded coronary artery by speckle tracking and cardiac magnetic resonance.
The difference in pulse oximeter readings between normal and occluded digits was statistically significant (p < 0.05).
The main component of dentin is calcium phosphate, it is natural that the dentinal tubules be occluded with this mineral.
Scanning electron microscope (Field Emission-Carl Zeiss) operating at controlled atmospheric conditions at 20 kV was used to evaluate the occluded dentine pre-and post-acidic exposure.
The occluded portion of the RFGF was at the center of the so-called vorticity-rich region in the Burgess et al.
Gaussian Headstock Tailstock Rubik's cube variance 0.1 19.77 19.64 19.68 0.2 16.54 16.41 16.44 Table 3: PSNR values of reconstructed 3D images by CIIR from the cipher image occluded 50%.
This fully implantable and non-invasive treatment concept designed to consistently unblock an occluded VC is based on from results of a prior clinical evaluation performed at Boston Children's Hospital (BCH), where the flushing concept was studied on VCs undergoing revision due to occlusions and then also flushed successfully to improve flow using the Alivio Flusher.
Coronary chronic total occlusion (CTO) lesions are defined as the coronary lesions with TIMI-0 flow, within the occluded segment along with angiographic or clinical evidence of occlusion duration >3months.
Myocardial infarction most likely resulted from functional coronary artery occlusion due to aortic dissection, in which the dissection flap temporarily occluded the ostium of the right coronary artery and affected the blood flow to the vessel.
In the presence of at least one occluded tube, patients were admitted to an IVF cycle.
To overcome such obstacles, we herein present a novel, modified reverse CART technique in which the dissection reentry is intentionally created in the proximal vessel, not within the occluded segment, by an antegrade balloon, which is followed by maneuvering the retrograde guidewire through the subintimal space into the proximal true lumen.
Nevertheless, when faces are occluded partially, the performance of these approaches will be degraded seriously, since the extracted features are caused to be unreliable.
As for occlusion, a 2012 study found that AK clearance was significantly greater for extremities that were occluded during incubation in patients undergoing blue light ALAPDT, compared with areas that were not occluded (J Drugs Dermatol.