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(18) The potential strategy for management of DH is to effectively occlude the dentine tubules.
After the dentist places the triple tray with the reline material in the mouth, the patient should occlude into the tray until the excess, leftover impression material on the desktop has set hard.
Using a contra-lateral approach to occlude the fistula distally may be difficult and risky, and in our patient was not successful.
The primary objective of any tourniquet is to occlude arterial blood flow.
In an earlier work (15), they were shown to have quite a different capability to occlude the filler in the polypropylene phase as a function of concentration.
The new AtriClip PRO2 system has increased functionality which enhances the capability to occlude the LAA during minimally-invasive surgical procedures.
Key statement: A tire inflation system that couples to the wheel of a vehicle, the tire inflation system including a pumping ring that rotates with the wheel; a positioning system rotatably coupled to the wheel, the positioning system including a positioning mechanism and an eccentric mass; a planetary roller disposed in non-slip contact with the pumping ring and the positioning system; and a flexible diaphragm that defines a pump cavity, wherein relative motion between the pumping ring and positioning system is translated by the planetary roller into an occluding force that deforms the diaphragm to occlude the pump cavity.
Saliva provides calcium and phosphate which over time occlude open dentin tubules.
(2) When there is <15 mm of normal aorta between the aneurysm and the normal LSA, the covered part of the stent will have to occlude the origin of the LSA to ensure adequate length of the proximal landing zone.
Under the license agreement, Nihon Micro Coating will nonexclusively be able to develop, prototype, manufacture, use, and market lithium ion capacitors based on FHI's capacity that uses its proprietary pre-doping technology to occlude lithium ions on a negative electrode to significantly increase the capacitor's energy density.
In southern California, the word "dude" isn't gender specific, and all that "hair" serves only to occlude somatic markers of gender.
The play's spectacular violence, he argues, works to occlude the legitimated violence exercised in the name of civilization.
The ability of certain meals to occlude hydrogen in a reversible manner--thus making the storage of the gas as practical as the storage of electrical energy by conventional batteries--was discovered in laboratories during the 19th century, he says, but not until 1967 did research begin to transform that phenomena into practical, large-scale storage for hydrogen as a fuel.