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back part of the head or skull

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When a parturient has been pushing for an extended period of time and there is a positional abnormality of the fetus, such as persistent occiput posterior position, cesarean delivery is often favored as a way of protecting the rectal sphincter.
Occiput shiny blackish apruinose except for weakly silvery pruinose areas ventrally along eye margins, occipital setae short blackish dorsally, pale yellow-white ventrally.
The study was not stratified by whether the abnormal position was occiput posterior (OP) or occiput transverse (OT).
Rotation <45 degree (left or right occiput anterior or occiput posterior).
4[degrees]F and the most recent cervical examination shows her to be fully dilated at +3/5 station in an occiput posterior position.
Gena cream-white, fairly dense cover of setulae in posterior part of gena and lower occiput, including 3 robust setae ventro-posteriorly.
The most common obstetric presentation is left occiput anterior.
Head: Eye microsetulose (sometimes sparsely so); occiput with a silvery-white, microtomentose area immediately adjacent to posterior margin of compound eye; frons with 1 fronto-orbital seta, reclinate; postvertical setae present, divergent; ocellar setae present, well developed; face uniformly sclerotized and transversely arched (shield-like in Scutops Coquilett, 1904); face setose laterally, strongly receded ventrally, extended laterally below gena; gena extended anterodorsally, bearing a row of setae, with anterior one inserted well above oral margin; mouth opening large.
When the fetal heart rate is greater than 80 to 90 beats per minute and there is good variability a bradycardia may be a sign of an occiput posterior or transverse position.
According to Wood Jones this latter is very rare (10,2) Occipito A sutural bone in the suture Mastoid Bone between Occiput and Mastoid (OMB) bone Parietal Notch Parietal notch is that part of Bone (PNB) the parietal bone that protrudes between the squamous and the mastoid portions of the temporal bone.
After logistic-regression modeling, a number of variables were significantly associated with OASIS, all of which have been identified previously: forceps delivery, occiput posterior position, primiparity, and epidural anesthesia.
2 Occiput with conspicuous band of white setulae; terminalia of [male]as in Figs 195199, phallus sheath of hypandrium concave apically, without strong setae basally (Fig.
Place the vacuum cup on the occiput of the fetal cranium toward the anterior fontanelle.
DISCUSSION: INIENCEPHALY is a rare neural tube defect that results in deficiency of occiput in the region of foramen magnum, spina bifida of considerable extent (up to spinal rachischisis) & cervicothoracic spinal retroflexion (3, 5).