occipital bone

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a saucer-shaped membrane bone that forms the back of the skull

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In general, neoplasms of the occipital bone are rather infrequent when compared to other bones of the skull.
Fetal MRI scans diagnosed four specific posterior fossa abnormalities including a Dandy-Walker malformation, a Joubert syndrome and related disorder, an occipital encephalocoele, and an occipital bone lesion.
The parietal bone was more commonly affected than the frontal or occipital bone.
But as various folk groups might have sung if they'd heard this tale, "If I had a nail gun, I'd nail in the occipital bone, I'd nail in the temporal bone, and maybe my hand .
The nuchal ligament is an anatomic structure made of a fibroelastic membrane that extends from the occipital bone to the spine of the seventh cervical vertebra.
5,6) Within the calvaria, the two most commonly affected bones are the parietal bone and the frontal bone in that order; lesions have also been documented in the occipital bone and the petrous temporal bone.
Contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) of the temporal bone (3-mm serial cuts) demonstrated (1) heterogenously enhancing densities with loculated collections in the left middle ear and mastoid cavities, (2) gross destruction of the mastoid portion of the left temporal bone, left occipital bone, and adjacent basisphenoid bone, and (3) destruction of the carotid canal, jugular foramen, and styloid process (figure 2).
It slopes backward and downward from the dorsum sellae to the foramen magnum in the occipital bone.
It was our recommendation that a plate be installed between C0 and C2 with fixation screws inserted into the lateral mass of C2 and into the large surface areas of the occipital bone.
BA The most inferior posterior point of the occipital bone at the anterior margin of the occipital foramen (figures 1, 3, 4).
She was now quite settled and on reevaluation of her cranial system there was increased craniosacral rhythm of her right temporal and occipital bones.
The jugular foramen is situated between the petrous portion of temporal and occipital bones and originates from persistence of the embryologic foramen lacerumposticus, the space between the basi-occiput and auditory canal.