occipital bone

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a saucer-shaped membrane bone that forms the back of the skull

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The height and width of the occipital bone was found to be 10.89[+ or -]0.01 cm and 7.97[+ or -]0.01 cm, respectively; whereas same occipital parameter was 5.21[+ or -]0.01 cm and 5.76[+ or -]0.008 cm, respectively in blackbuck (Choudhary & Singh, 2015b).
Of these fractures, nearly half were multiple and more localized in the occipital bones. Additionally, in more than one-third of the cases, skull fractures were complex, such as separated linear, basilar, numerous, and depressed.
From qualitative and quantitative point of view, the features and morphometry of foramen magnum and occipital bone, when used in approximation, are good indicators for the diagnosis of sex [4].
We proceeded to internal segmental fixation with an occipital bone plate and bilateral pedicle screws for C2 (Figure 3).
A partner helps by lifting gently on the occipital bone to position the head correctly.
In all patients OCF was done either with DCP plates and sublaminar wires of C2 and C3 with occipital bone or occipital plates with C2 pedicle and C3 lateral mass screws where financially feasible.
The greatest length of skull (GLS) was measured from the most anterior part of the center of the premaxillary bone to the most posterior point of the occipital bone. Length of braincase (LBC) was measured from the posterior point of the postorbital process to the most posterior point of the occipital bone.
All goats were treated surgically by removal of cyst by trephining of occipital bone.
In forensics or anthropology, the occipital bone is frequently used in sex determination because the cranial base tends to withstand both physical insults and inhumation more successfully than many other areas of the cranium [1].
Primary cranial involvement accounts for approximately 1% of Ewing's sarcoma cases, with a primary occipital bone tumor being considered very rare [1-3].
HRCT of the temporal bones showed extensive irregular permeative osteolytic destruction of the right temporal bone and adjacent right occipital bone. Similar lesions were also noted involving the base of the left temporal bone (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
1-4; Lorentz 2009:78-80), resulting in a limited growth between the frontal and occipital bone. This compression only allowed for lateral compensatory growth that led to a broadening of the head (White 1996:403).
Human bodies have a number of adaptations to walking upright.7 In vertebrates, the foramen magnum, literally meaning "big hole," is a hole in the occipital bone in the base of the skull, through which the medulla oblongata extends from the braincase.
This article describes three unusual findings on the occipital bone of the same skull.