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a native inhabitant of the Occident

an artificial language

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denoting or characteristic of countries of Europe and the western hemisphere


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In fact, the gap between the public and the private spheres, between Fundamentalist Iran and Occidentalized Iran is such in Satrapi's memoir that this cultural in-be-tweenness doesn't succeed in creating hybrid subjects able to challenge authoritative discourse but schizophrenic ones: "la representation of-ficielle de mon pays et la vie reelle des gens, celle qui se passait derriere les murs.
By self-mystifying through an Occidentalized view of Eastern knowledge, perhaps De Quincey achieves something beyond a simple outing of his biases and predeterminations built in Kantian style through categorical similarities and differences.
This confluence of complexities is particular to Naipaul's world view and often Occidentalized voice.
The Occidentalized Jesus stands at an intersection between Orientalist visionary literature and Western imperialist values.