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a native inhabitant of the Occident

an artificial language

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denoting or characteristic of countries of Europe and the western hemisphere


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Nussbaum & Jonathan Clover eds., 1995) ("Very often, cultures are presented as hermetic and sealed wholes; the internal contradictions and debates within cultures are flattened out; the different conceptual and normative options which are available to the participants of a given culture and society are ignored."); Martin Chanock, `Culture' and Human Rights: Orientalising, Occidentalising and Authenticity, in BEYOND RIGHTS TALK AND CULTURE TALK: COMPARATIVE ESSAYS ON THE POLITICS OF RIGHTS AND CULTURE 21 (Mahmood Mamdani ed., 2000) ("It is internal conflict about ways of doing things, far more than any conflict with outsiders, that has led to the essentializing of cultures."); Richard T.