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egg-shaped terra cotta wind instrument with a mouthpiece and finger holes


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Ocarinas are globular flutes, often made of clay which is baked, sometimes with designs incised or painted on them.
Lakota images of the contested West, paintings in vibrant hues portraying women, nymphs, and spirits from South Asia, and the arts of war adjacent to a clay ocarina exhibit accompanied by an appropriate other-worldly soundscape are the tip of the iceberg in the museums at Harvard, offering new ways to look at, listen to, and think about art and the stories they embody.
To the tradition of Western Piedmont, which has always been open to the French suggestions, Chieco joins the heritage of his native town, Matera: it is thanks to the knowledge acquired exploring the Italian realms of ceramics from north to south that the artist's hands can now give shape and breath of life" to whistles, ocarinas and sound-producing clay sculptures (Elena Pianea, Armando Scuto et al.
3), ocarinas and old Chinese Xuns; seven in the Budrio ocarina (fig.
Chieco uses half-refractory clay from Matera when he has to mould sculptures of bigger dimensions but he rather prefers the clay from Montelupo (Florence) to make whistles and ocarinas.
Estas observaciones, el analisis de la estructura intervalica de las ocarinas, la comprension de la funcion social de estas piezas y la experimentacion con su potencial musical, ha permitido esbozar unas primeras ideas de lo que pudo haber sido la musica de esta cultura en el periodo prehispanico.
La ocarina es considerada uno de los instrumentos musicales mas antiguos, presente en culturas milenarias de Oriente, Africa, Mesoamerica y Suramerica.