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South American wood sorrel cultivated for its edible tubers

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The OCA noted that the findings would be forwarded to the competitor's national authorities, the International Federation of the sport concerned (Asian International Wushu Federations) and the World Anti-Doping Agency for further action on their past as per sanctions concerning eligibility, Bernama reported.
To address this, OCA has decided to embark on cancer research with College of Nursing at Sultan Qaboos University for which it has received a Sultan Qaboos Grant.
Husain Al-Musallam, OCA General Director, said: "We are extremely happy with the results of this broadcasting deal.
The general assembly was chaired by OCA President Shaikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah, who welcomed the Asian and global sports family to Macau.
State Foreign Secretary Yutaka Banno has said the Japanese government weighed factors such as the significance of an international sport conference in promoting goodwill and the possibility that Japan might face sanctions if it refused to allow the attendance of particular members in violation of the OCA charter.
According to OCA, the vote would mean shampoos and other body care products that claim to be organic, but are not certified, would be forced to drop the organic claims made on their products or improve formations to meet organic standards.
The fact that OCA now contains mostly legacy material limits its value for research and reference.
In a brief interview with reporter Mercedes Fernandez of the Chicago daily Hoy, Montes de Oca Sr.
Through its jam-packed website, publications, research and campaigns, the OCA provides an important service.
It's hard to generalize about oca's flavor and culinary attributes, because there are so many kinds: Some are best eaten raw; others are best boiled, baked or steamed.
OCA differs from Google Book Search in several key respects.
Between November 13 and December 31 the OCA will mobilize from Alaska to Argentina, working with a critical mass of global citizens to regain control of our communities, our food and commerce, and our future.