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the property of being easy to see and understand

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The statute itself sets the obviousness standard by reference to a
I hope to see the legislation that ultimately emerges clearly cabin the eligibility inquiry separately from the novelty, obviousness, and 112 analyses.
We conclude, as did the district court, that ABS violated a confidentiality agreement it had with Sexing Tech, and that Sexing Tech's patent was not invalid on obviousness grounds.
Suddenly there were too many maudlin spots in the writing; suddenly one could almost see the playwright's brain at work, maneuvering his narrative with such obviousness that almost nothing was a surprise anymore.
This obviousness criterion is evaluated from the perspective of a hypothetical person of ordinary skill in the prior art.
Challenges to the IPR system must be based on what's defined as "obviousness," or that the patented IP wouldn't be obvious to a person similarly skilled in the field.
Or maybe it's the obviousness. Maybe it's the inevitability.
United States-based Mylan and Netherlands-based Synthon have received a favourable decision in the UK High Court of Justice in their dispute regarding the patent of Israel-based Teva Phamaceutical Industries' multiple sclerosis drug, Copaxone, which was ruled to be invalid because of obviousness, it was reported on Friday.
(53) In the previous suit, the defendant's obviousness arguments failed, and the court adjudged the patent claims not invalid.
Obviousness is based on the idea that we should not give a patent if ordinary scientists could have gotten to the result without the encouragement of that patent.
In defense, Hospira raised three grounds for patent invalidity: indefiniteness, obviousness, and the contention that the invention was sold or offered for sale more than one year before the U.S.
"The data shows that obviousness challenges receive much better receptions in the PTAB as compared to district courts," said Berschadsky.
Kahn aptly observes that the BiDil combination of drugs could only be judged inventive, or non-obvious, if the baseline for judging obviousness is the effect of the drugs in the majority Caucasian population.
If we sit in the pews ho-humming the obviousness of a moral lesson ("Yes, God the Father welcomes the prodigal sinner home"), then it's time to consider that we've turned a multilayered koan into mere allegory.
Last August, Rihanna gushed that her life mantra is a quote by Leo and told Elle magazine she lives by his ethos: "Avoid obviousness."