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the property of being easy to see and understand

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Thinking about the tension between unexpected results and obviousness to try also offers a window on why we have an obviousness doctrine at all.
According to Oliver, unpatentability challenges based on obviousness fare better at the PTAB than in district courts.
Kahn aptly observes that the BiDil combination of drugs could only be judged inventive, or non-obvious, if the baseline for judging obviousness is the effect of the drugs in the majority Caucasian population.
If we sit in the pews ho-humming the obviousness of a moral lesson ("Yes, God the Father welcomes the prodigal sinner home"), then it's time to consider that we've turned a multilayered koan into mere allegory.
60) When considering a challenge to a patent based on obviousness, the court starts with a presumption of validity, and the burden of proving the invention was obvious rests upon the party challenging the patents.
As a result, examiners use the analogous arts test as a rough gauge of obviousness during prosecution.
In contrast, a claim can be rejected for obviousness if a person ordinarily skilled in the art could come up with it by combining the teachings of multiple prior art sources.
Retrospectively, communication is a field that gradually goes from obviousness to consciousness.
Determining legal obviousness requires considering whether two or more pieces of prior art could be combined, or a single piece of prior art could be modified, to produce the claimed invention.
The reason is that under all three standards of proof we test-tested, the patent should only be declared invalid if the percentage obviousness is greater than 50%.
section] 103 obviousness to deal with overly simplistic software patents, we instead look to [section] 101 to attempt to define software--it is not a process, not a machine, not a manufacture, and not a composition of matter box.
Judges Alan Lourie and Kimberly Moore said, in In re Baxter International, that the prior court rulings did not bar the PTO from re-examining the patent for obviousness.
test to assess the question of obviousness for chemical compounds.
Then she discusses the cases generally in terms of anticipation, obviousness, the impact of lowering the bar for the patentability of selection inventions, and different views in other jurisdictions.
Although thesps Peter Schneider and Timur Massold make an affecting duo, pic is infected with a twee, post-hippy strain of German Romanticism, while the script makes its big author's-message points with thudding obviousness, also a flaw inherent in Weingartner's earlier pics, "The Edukators" and "Reclaim Your Brain.