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made impossible

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The order stated: "( In accordance with) the cabinet decision of November 20, 2007, as far as possible the concretisation of roads in unauthorised colonies be done where water and sewer lines or any other services ( are available), thereby obviating the need to frequently cut the roads." Read between the lines, the " as far as possible" part of the order left scope for roads to be laid even where the civic services were not available.
with knuckles of garlic obviating the solitary Dutch painter's
It is very useful having bottles collected, obviating the need to carry them to the bottle bank which regularly filled up well before it was emptied.
"As a result, adipose-derived stem and regenerative cells could potentially offer breast cancer patients the option to use their own cells to restore a natural breast contour following surgery, obviating the need for an implant or complicated surgical procedure.
What if a relatively inexpensive drug came out that could prevent much atherosclerosis and shrink and stabilize existing atherosclerotic plaque, obviating the need for many bypass operations and cardiovascular interventions?
Again, that Spirit vivifies an entire people, only this time it is "all flesh" that God has in mind, explicitly obviating distinctions of sex, age, and social status (v.
Its batteries power the unit for about a week, obviating the need for power cables and phone lines to be dragged across a conference room table.
The metadata which was formerly managed at the host by the host agent is loaded into flash memory at the intelligent port, obviating the need for host-based software.
A setscrew catches in a locking p]ate, obviating the need for tools to position the pipe in the clamp.
The problem was that many states had gotten used to sitting on all checks from all remarried parents for the full six months--despite evidence, the GAO reported, that most spouses filed their claims upfront, along with their tax returns, obviating the need for a delay: In such cases, the IRS will now calculate the amount owed to the custodial parent and the new spouse simultaneously, which means the states can immediately distribute whatever child support is owed.
Obviating the need for conventional fittings, its nooks and surfaces can be used as display units, shelves, tables or seating.
TEI suggested that an "angel list" would be useful either as a supplement to comprehensive revision of the regulations or, if broader rules limiting unnecessary reporting cannot be formulated, as an alternative to obviating disclosure of many routine day-to-day transactions, TEI stated.
It could also become a key driver of sustainability, through environmental benefits such as production, storage, and transportation energy savings; reduced use of materials by precisely matching demand with production; and reduced waste by obviating the need for elaborate packaging and eliminating production overruns.