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in a stupid manner

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Obtusely, they refuse to understand that church politics differs from American electoral politics.
Usakovs, on Twitter, expressed his condolences to Jakobsons but denied any involvement in the shooting, adding, obtusely, "I have an alibi," reported apollo.
They might act obtusely, but they are far from stupid at advancing their ambitious agendas.
Fanny's conversation with Edmund about this move, brief though it is, demonstrates her ability to express herself clearly and even passionately, and to express feelings and thoughts that Edmund, rather obtusely, fails to understand.
that he (the I-narrator) knows that he (the I-character) was being obtusely sentimental at the time of utterance, the subtle effect of irony resulting from the I-character's repetitions would be spoiled.
Here he is on life: "We forget it every time and then we always remember again, again and again and all over again, that this fucking life of ours always, uninterruptedly, obtusely, always plays the same stupid fucking trick on us.
In a convincing demonstration of the need for critics to "venture out to touch the other," rather than to obtusely assimilate the other into their own paradigms, Paula Gunn Allen juxtaposes alternative readings of the Keres story of Kochinnenako to show how a standard Eurocentric feminist reading is mistaken, while a "ritual" reading detects a substantially different message.
361) The Court chose to steer clear of these potential minefields in an opinion that provided simply, if somewhat obtusely, that the amendment raised a constitutional question and that members of the Presidency Council could refrain from approving legislation that they thought to be in conflict with the Constitution.
8-flowered; floral bracts orbicular or nearly so, 20-27 x 25-27 mm, apex rounded, incurved and appearing cucullate, greenish-yellow toward the apex and yellowish-green at the base, glabrous or nearly so, equaling 1/2 of the sepals length, strongly convex, carinate or the upper ones obtusely if at all carinate, covered by an oleaginous substance.
NEIL Young is a "what you hear is what you get" artist - frustratingly brilliant, obtusely single-minded.
The stone clearance was shown to be poorer for an actually angled than an obtusely angled inferior calyce and better for a shorter calyce with wider than a longer calyce with narrower infundibulum.
The interview concludes with Obomsawin asking Lessard if there is anything else he would like to say and he obtusely apologizes for his actions.
For our purposes here, that obtusely worded statute provides, in
Psychine stylosa fruits are wider than high, with the pair of outstretched chartaceous wings forming a semicircular margin to the lower half of the fruit, but obtusely cleft apically, with a persistent elongate stylar extension equal to the length of the fruit and a stout pedicel, shortly stipitate.