obtuse triangle

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a triangle that contains an obtuse interior angle

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Caption: Figure 6: Average and maximum error of moments calculated with simulation method for obtuse triangle case.
WEIRD: Rival suitors locked in battle OBTUSE TRIANGLE: Tom Hardy, Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon
Through my 130-mm scope at 37x, IC 4997 is the second-brightest and easternmost "star" of a 2' obtuse triangle. At 164x this minuscule bluish nebula seems to have a brighter center.
She realized that the numerical value of [a.sup.2] + [c.sup.2] is less than that of [b.sup.2] so this triangle was an obtuse triangle. Next she considered values of the parameter n that point C is on the left of points A and B.
But the WDS measures show Hussey 66 as a subarcsecond obtuse triangle in recent years.