obtuse angle

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an angle between 90 and 180 degrees

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There are in fact two corresponding dynamic visual proofs; one for an acute angle [26] and the second for an obtuse angle [27].
L shape, L variant (V-30W) and obtuse angle shape require 7%, 8% and 2% respectively, more heating energy than the reference case.
It's an obtuse angle and we were really able to capture that unique space.
Wail hopes to add a trick called AaeNinety-nineAAE, which involves doing AaeAround the worldAAE with one leg and kicking off the ball with the other, thereby crossing your legs at an obtuse angle in mid-air.
The Hartmann forceps are more effective than the smaller jaw "alligator" forceps (FIGURE 2); their longer jaws with their less obtuse angle make it easier to avoid pushing the object posteriorly.
7232541 2007) forms a projecting ridge around the outside of the tray with a corresponding undercut that bends the ridge inward at an obtuse angle.
It's a simple equation, a geometric progression opposed to an obtuse angle.
5 Fastigium in dorsal view with sides rounded, forming an obtuse angle A.
Venus, your sophisticated ruling planet, gets into an obtuse angle with the censorious Saturn.
29[degrees], dispersion not mentioned; pleochroism not mentioned; X = b, Y ^ a = 5_ in obtuse angle [beta], Z ^ c = 9[degrees] in obtuse angle [beta].
But if you slice the water at a more obtuse angle, it slices into the water gradually, reducing the impact.
In a flat plane legs making obtuse angles with the base would never meet, but on the sphere they may wrap around and meet in an obtuse angle on the other side.
If the perpendicular line is inclined towards B, it will form an acute angle on one side and an obtuse angle on the other.
It becomes an obtuse angle, and it's bowed outward like a little dome," Dr.
But I rang her later and said: 'Kylie, I know this is coming from a bit of an obtuse angle, but do you fancy a good sex session tonight?