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a prosthesis used to close an opening (as to close an opening of the hard palate in cases of cleft palate)

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Patients with contraindications to neuraxial block, drug sensitivity, history of drug abuse, psychogenic diseases, inguinal lymphadenopathy, perineal infection or hematoma at the needle insertion site, previous surgery or scars in the region, pre-existing obturator neuropathy, bilateral ONB block due to the site or progress of cancer, and failure of spinal block were excluded from the study.
An unusual cause of sciatic pain as a result of the dynamic motion of the obturator internus muscle.
In this condition, retention can be obtained by adhesives, resilient attachments, implants or it can be united to an obturator by magnets.
The femoral triangle of the left lower limb of the male cadaver was dissected to expose the muscular branches of the femoral and obturator nerves.
There are 55 papers reporting procedure through obturator internus by gynecologists and 39 by urologists, indicating that most gynecologists adopt transobturator way in TVT surgeries in the mainland of China.
Those eliciting obturator jerk during transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT) were included and ONB was performed using 2% lidocaine via blind technique of Labat.
Key Words: Cleft palate patients, dentures, prosthodontists, obturators.
The most useful "live" fluoroscopic view according to the majority of survey participants is the obturator oblique while testing the hip in flexion, adduction, and internal rotation with axial load applied to the femur.
Perineal hernia repair in the dog by transposition of the internal obturator muscle.
We report the functional result of a bilateral traumatic obturator hip dislocation treated with immediate reduction.
The inner component is either a metallic, sharp, introducer stylet or an interchangeable plastic obturator (Figure 4).
We present a previously unreported case of acute obturator internus and Obturator externus strain in an adolescent.
The operation was carried out under spinal anesthesia in all of the cases with the outside-in obturator tape.