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Apical limit of root canal instrumentation and obturation, part 2.
Before obturation, the canals of the experimental groups were irrigated either with sterile saline (control), 2% CHX (Consepsis, Ultradent) or with 5% DMSO (Sigma-Aldrich, St Louis, MO, USA) for 60 s, and then dried with paper points.
Keywords: Dental pulp cavity, Root canal therapy, Endodontics, Single visit, multiple visits, Root canal obturation, Pain.
Therefore, the present study examined several new endodontic technologies, including EndoActivator[R] and a new endodontic needle, in terms of performance in primary teeth root canal obturation.
The surgical treatment should be performed after adequate canal obturation, as part of the endodontic management of the affected tooth, or as an addition to endodontic management, respectively.
Gutta-percha (GP) is the standard root canal obturation material that has many advantages such as biocompatibility, nonstaining, and radiopaque.
Recently, a variety of calcium silicate based sealers have been introduced, and interest in the single-cone obturation technique using calcium silicate-based sealer has been increased due to improved biocompatibility [8,16,18] and dimensional stability [19] compared with conventional sealers.
Standardized endodontic procedures included the use of stainless steel manual files and rotary Ni-Ti instruments (ProTaper[R] Universal Series, Dentsply Maillefer), along with NaOCl and EDTA irrigations; the single-cone gutta-percha technique was chosen for final obturation (Figure 3) of the root canal (finishing file instrument and gutta-percha point: size F1, ProTaper[R] Universal, Dentsply Maillefer).
Normal force: Resistance to stretching that increases bore diameter, as caused by bullet obturation or gas pressure.
In root canal retreatment, removal of all filling materials from the root canals has a crucial importance in respect of three-dimensional cleaning, shaping and obturation of the root canal system (1).
The adequacy of obturation, length, and density was also evaluated as previously described [10].
Adequate obturation of the root canal system constitutes one of the most important stages of endodontic treatment, which significantly affects its final result [1].
The development of maxillary sinusitis, including the occurrence of CG, could be attributed to hemorrhage and inflammatory processes in maxillary sinus mucosa after instrumentation or endodontic obturation [13].