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The objective of this study was to compare four different obturation techniques in obturating artificially created internal resorptive defects.
The objective of this limited invasive therapy is to arrest caries progression in a continuously existing cariogenic environment by obturating the diffusion paths for carbohydrates and organic acids.
Short-term cytotoxicity assessment of components of the Epiphany resin-percha obturating system by indirect and direct contact Millipore filter assays.
*** Ballistic Products OB16 is a small obturating disc that when used underneath their BP12 Tuff shotcup (designed for steel) in a Fiocchi hull leaves a lot of room for shot.
In the evaluation of different endodontic techniques, dye is commonly used for in vitro studies as an indicator of apical leakage, which is illustrated by the dye penetration between the canal walls and the obturating materials.
The present prosthesis apart from obturating the oro-nasal communication to prevent regurgitation of fluids and nasal speech, has also counteracted the facial disfigurement at this immediate post-surgical condition and enhanced the esthetic appeal and patient satisfaction.
Between the paper shot cup and the powder is a column of polymer powder (Polywad's Obturating Medium).
Incompetence in locating, cleaning and shaping or obturating the complete root canal system causes primary and post-treatment infections which often lead to endodontic treatment failures.1
[10] The hardened material forms a strong micromechanical bond to etched tooth enamel, thus physically obturating susceptible areas of the tooth surface and preventing dental caries.
(18) The prognosis for second molars depends on detection of the extra canals and proper cleaning, shaping and obturating the molar.
Winchester-Western had introduced a highly efficient, bottle cap shaped, obturating over-powder wad and their Mark-V plastic shot wrapper that reduced shot deformation and improved patterns considerably.