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a consonant that is produced with a partial or complete blockage of the airflow from the lungs through the nose or mouth

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The phonological effects of lenition, stated broadly, are that stops and m become continuants (fricatives or glides), coronal obstruents (t, d, and s) become laryngeal or dorsal (a phenomenon known as "debuccalization"), and f is deleted.
To the chronologically last developments belong changes of obstruents, simplification of the word-initial clusters wl-, wr-, kn-, gn-, insertion of [j] and [w], and a general loss of the liquid [r] in the non-prevocalic position.
The initial can be reconstructed as a back obstruent * k or * h, and its nucleus MK ye as either * e or * je in Korean (Frellesvig and Whitman 2008: 36-37, Whitman 2012).
m which points to an original obstruent (*t, *k, *c or *s) preceding the nasal, which makes the comparison to any of the other verbs impossible.
Hormis ce defi de l'ecole, deux autres gageures obstruent le triomphe de cette bataille acharnee, notamment la retention scolaire et la qualite.
Le village Imesdhourar, sis dans la commune de Saharidj (Bouira), est menace par les eboulements et les chutes de pierres qui, non seulement obstruent la Route Nationale 30, mais arrivent jusqu'au seuil des maisons.
Le groupe ministeriel pour le tourisme, cree sur ordre du Premier ministre, Dr Hecham Qandil, a tenu sa premiere reunion, sous la presidence du ministre du Tourisme Hecham Zzou, afin de fixer des programmes et des plans pour reanimer le tourisme en Egypte et regler les problemes qui obstruent le secteur touristique.
In (10a) the first C is an obstruent and in (10b) it is a sonorant.
For example, it is always the unvoiced obstruent phoneme that occurs in final word or sentence position in German.
En fait, le ministere de l'Industrie s'attache a trouver des solutions urgentes aux problemes qui obstruent les processus de developpement industriel et d'exportation.
In (16a), where the root begins with the voiced obstruent /g/, the underlying prefixes /ku-/, /tu-/, and /-ta-/ are realized unchanged, hence *du-ta-guma.
In this way we bring together vowel length alternations, obstruent suppression and degemination.
27) For example, in Viitso 2003:12: "Except for some foreign proper names, the co-occurrence of both a long monophthong or a diphthong and a geminate obstruent in a word with a syllable of Q2 is restricted (a) to genitive plural forms of some nouns and (b) to the second-person present-tense forms of monosyllabic vocalic verb stems, both of which have the suffix -te".
Dans des declarations qu'il a faites au terme de la reunion, le ministre de l'Agriculture, Mohamed Reda Ismail, a fait savoir que l'Etat adopterait les mesures necessaires pour eliminer les obstacles qui obstruent l'investissement au Sud de la Vallee.
Both informants have a glottal stop before an obstruent in Great (Britain), U has it in sit down and boots, while M has glottalling in sweets and wheatbread.