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conventions--transition obstructors would be arrested by the military, and their assets would be frozen and redistributed for benefit of the Yemeni people, according to Al-Baghdadi.
Has anyone from the council had a word with the obstructor?
The second type of litigator bent on stalling the case is The Great Obstructor. This opponent gives incorrect information with a smile as you go on a wild goose chase, reviewing irrelevant and incomplete documents and other material.
The combination of all the evidence, then, points towards the strong likelihood that Stuart Perry's guess was right: that Jean Devanny's unknown obstructor was B.
To the best of my opinion, I could say that the Ministry of Justice is an obstructor of justice in South Sudan and so is the SSAC, especially when the interest of the SPLM big fishes and their friends is at stake.
Baguilat said the Marcoses are themselves 'obstructors of justice' after having practically admitted that they have ill-gotten wealth.
putting themselves on record as the obstructors, the opponents, the enemies of America's surest bulwark - the public schools....