obstructive shock

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shock caused by obstruction of blood flow

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The time period of publication was extended to include two articles that addressed SI and obstructive shock (Otero et al.
Septic shock Hypovolemic shock Unknown cause shock Cardiogenic shock Obstructive shock Other: -- 3.
PCT rises with bacterial sepsis, but usually does not in hypovolemic, cardiogenic, or obstructive shock.
One had obstructive shock due to massive pulmonary embolism and another had haemorrhagic shock due to aortic dissection.
2 Arrhythmias 5 5 Aortic valve pathology 6 6 Admission reasons, n Septic shock 31 7 Cardiogenic shock 14 4 Mixed cardiogenic 2 - and septic shock Obstructive shock 1 - Haemorrhagic shock 1 - Other causes 4 - Selected patients * Number, male/female 42 (28/14) Age, y 64.
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