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Synonyms for obstinately

in a stubborn unregenerate manner

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Miller, who seemed obstinately bent upon braving the perils of Mad River.
"It doesn't stand to reason that a pretty woman could be th' mother o' such a fou' little lass," she had added obstinately.
He obstinately repeated: "Mercy Merrick is an English name.
don't!' I daresay Smith had a rough time of it that evening with one noise and another, and this insane, disturbing voice crying obstinately through the door only added to his irritation.
For those who have been obstinately sceptical about the benefits of 2008, this is an early and tangible piece of evidence that it is going to be a very good year for Liverpool.
They are of opinion that the generality of mankind are neither so obstinately wicked as to deserve everlasting punishment, nor so good as to merit being admitted into the society of the blessed spirits; and therefore God is graciously pleased to allow of a middle state, where they may be purified by certain degrees of suffering.
At Trent Bridge in 1999, he accepted my request for a chat with his customary good grace, but my machine obstinately refused to function.
Ex-premier Margaret Thatcher obstinately ruled out any cash payments.
A long metallic fish, floating above the viewer, undulated regularly, obstinately toward the back wall, as if magnetized by the chaotic procession of incandescent images illuminating the surrounding darkness.
The hold-up in the completion of the continuous Coast Path is entirely the fault of Ceredigion County Council which has the power to solve the problem, by simply diverting the Coast Path a few hundred yards, but which is obstinately refusing to do so.
Gordon Brown has chucked billions of pounds at America's vengeful and illegal war on the Iraqi people yet obstinately refuses to subsidise the Post Offices to provide a decent level of service.
It states: "Those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion."
Delegates clapped appreciatively and offered a standing ovation at the end, although one or two did remain obstinately seated.
Seated like an old child behind the steering wheel of this obstinately immobile, giant toy, one found oneself in one of the most disorienting situations that an art gallery can offer.
His eyes were sinking back further and further inside their sockets and the skin which remained clinging obstinately to his cheekbones, had acquired a distinctly greenish tinge.