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Synonyms for obstetrician

a physician specializing in obstetrics

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They further analysed dozens of studies about placenta consumption and now advise obstetricians to discourage their patients from eating the placenta in any form.
The Ministry of Health, midwives and obstetricians have moved to reassure New Zealanders that maternity services in this country are robust.
William and Kate's children were born at the Lindo Wing, the private maternity unit of the St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, central London, with Charlotte delivered by consultant obstetrician Guy Thorpe-Beeston on May 2, 2015, while Sir Marcus Setchell performed the same role for George who was born on July 22, 2013.
Certain obstetricians specialise further in, for example twin pregnancies, pre-eclampsia, diabetes or infertility.
Availability of obstetrician for each case is otherwise too an ambitious idea and is not practicable," said the midwife.
The model may be sustainable when the labour ward is always staffed by enough experienced midwives whom the obstetrician trusts, but suggestions have been made that not all labour wards are always staffed by midwives, (17) let alone experienced midwives.
Major Finding: Pregnant women were significantly more likely to receive information on pertussis vaccination from their pediatrician than from their obstetrician (24% vs.
The obstetricians decided to move after three other obstetricians left PeaceHealth Medical Group for unrelated reasons over the past six months, Godbold said.
Generally speaking, family physicians have a significantly higher opinion of their abilities--and obstetricians a significantly lower opinion--for most types of deliveries and obstetrical complications.
Because our instrument takes a record of the force used, it mitigates that risk against the obstetrician but in no way takes responsibility away.
I think delivering sextuplets by Caesarean section is not a big deal for a senior obstetrician.
The experts, writing in the British Medical Journal, say, 'A consultant obstetrician who performed a vaginal assessment was more likely to reverse a decision made by an obstetric trainee for a caesarean and proceed to a safely conducted instrumental delivery.
Hundreds of mothers' meticulous records, preserved by one such obstetrician in Motherwell, Scotland, contain detailed data about what kinds and quantities of food they ate during pregnancy.
Obstetrician Fariyal E Fikree spearheaded the studies in PaMstan and Nepal.