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becoming obsolete

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an administration office, a waste collection facility, washing and disinfection facility for trucks, seawater supply, drinking water supply networks and a water tower, sewage network, pavement works, power supply network - lighting, increased diesel storage capacity, new petrol and diesel station for fishermen, removal of obsolescent and superseded equipment and refurbishment.
Among the topics are modules for subprogram libraries, toward a modern QUADPACK routine, interoperability with C, modifying source to remove obsolescent or deleted features, and software tools.
In addition, it is planned to implement the privatization of technologically obsolescent small and middle enterprises by selling them in auctions; the use of mechanisms of trust management, incorporating and corporate management of properties of large enterprises.
Air Force to upgrade obsolescent aircraft and technologies with fuel efficient, capable and mission ready aircraft.
Your contributor rightly draws attention to the overtly obsolescent "Thank you, please and excuse me" in commonplace communication.
The pace of technological development is making formats and reading devices become obsolescent in less than a decade.
4 trillion could be produced by 2030, with 40 percent of the aircraft replacing obsolescent and less fuel-efficient planes.
With industrial buildings, design trends change quite a lot and if the building that you lease becomes obsolescent you can move to one that meets current requirements.
Cultural Criticism: Ahmad Nagy Ahmad from the Egyptian newspaper Akhbar Al Adab, for his article EoACAyGraphite -- long live the obsolescent art'.
More importantly, the Army faces a domestic and international political environment in which traditional ground warfare has become increasingly obsolescent.
On the other hand, a blatant irony is at work in the relationship between the title of the show and the subject matter -- dismembered and obsolescent children's dolls.
It takes courage to voyage into the realm of a humanism protected by modern legislations and governed by a social thought which supersedes some outdated, obsolescent customs and traditions, alas, still deeply-entrenched in the minds of numerous persons as if they were the inexorable, revealed truth
He calls for a strengthening of the global role of the IAEA in dealing with the impacts of nuclear power plant accidents and the decommissioning of obsolescent reactors.
This phrasing explicitly suggests the complex technological materiality of these constructions--particularly in relation to the obsolescent analogue source material, scanned and altered, then reassembled in postproduction--while also hinting at Jones's gradual but nearly schematic transition from independent filmmaker to gallery-oriented artist.
Theatres now are obsolescent to the point that they can no longer deliver their services in safety and, of course, this money now is being paid as compensation for that.