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Synonyms for obsolesce

to make or become obsolete

Words related to obsolesce

become obsolete, fall into disuse

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reversal (4), fir example, can be thought of as an obsolescence (2) of the intensification (1), andlor a retrieval (3) of the obsolesced (2).
has been obsolesced, divested, leaving us with the question of what to
Our brokerage side of the business will immediately start offering the equipment we have obsolesced into the used equipment marketplace.
If art, according to Hegel, must be linked to the representation of the Idea, then art can never enjoy a more autonomous status than when the Idea that it represents has obsolesced, ascended the dialectical spiral, and brought about the death of its corresponding art as well.
This market growth, which should be driven by increased wireless data connectivity and emergence of new usage patterns driven by Internet content and enterprise data, is stymied by the need to continuously upgrade the technology and replace obsolesced units.
EM: Digital media have not obsolesced the human body: that condition has reigned since the first electric media appeared.
5) This line seems to suggest that when something is obsolesced, it withdraws into the hidden ground, and becomes a strand of invisible force that is perhaps even more deadly since it is unperceived.