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  • verb

Synonyms for obsolesce

to make or become obsolete

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become obsolete, fall into disuse

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New ideas generally perform the work of valuing the past on their own: they can retrieve something from the past that had been formerly obsolesced (McLuhan and McLuhan, 1988), but they do so selectively, transformatively, in the service of delivering something truly novel and progressive, rather than merely using old ideas uncritically.
except when it comes to launching them, obsolesced, to South
But Nature has been obsolesced, and we live in an artificial communications' envelope.
What technology, method, system, or medium that was previously obsolesced or abandoned does the new medium RETRIEVE?
Military procurement programs that take decades may be obsolesced in an afternoon by new technological innovations.
has been obsolesced, divested, leaving us with the question of what to
New processes are constantly developed and refined as old processes are obsolesced.