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Synonyms for obsessional

characterized by or constituting an obsession


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Erotomania is similar to love obsessional because no prior relationship exists, but is different in one crucial area.
Obsessional fears tend to concern issues related to uncertainty about personal safety or the safety of others.
This is our thing, our day of days, our mad, mildly obsessional buzz, and there is no need to apologise for it.
In the 1640s, however, innovation and inversion were perceived to be the province of the new powers-that-be and the assorted malcontents whose interests they were supposed or imagined to reflect - obsessional reformers, sectaries, Levellers, and, predictably, women.
Arthur Koestler wrote, "Over-sensitivity to injustice and obsessional craving for Utopia are signs of neurotic maladjustment.
Such subjunctive language and loose causation leads one to welcome the punctilious scrupulousness and obsessional accuracy of the traditional diplomatic historians.
Our friends have an obsessional inability to refrain from marking a ballot, though they are offered no relevant candidates and though their voting confirms the system that has given them the bad candidates.
As Mimouni puts it, "The woman is for the Islamists what the Jew is for Hitler: an obsessional fixation".
an adult requires 1760 Kcal/day) but will please obsessional dieticians.
Dr Kieron O'Connor is currently the director of the Centre for research on tic and obsessional disorders at the Fernand Seguin Research Center , Louis H.
Usually they just try and introduce me to their hot girlfriends" Fashion veteran David Gandy "I have always been an obsessional whistler.
The study] steers a wide path between the two rather obsessional subjects of the emperor Julian the Apostate's adhesion to Hellenic religion until his death in 363 and the emperor Justinian the Great's supposed final suppression of pagan cult in 529.
GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER C4 8pm Abigail Ahern attempts to get more obsessional hoarders to part with their goods and smarten up their acts during a home makeover.
Routinely thinking alternative "neutralising" thoughts, such as counting, praying or repeating a special word, to correct obsessional thoughts.
Moyle was told by Judge John Curran: "You were behaving in an obsessional and irrational manner.