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The unconscious desire is in no way mysterious; it is the natural primitive form of desire, from which the other has developed through our habit of observing and theorizing (often wrongly).
Vice-Chairman PBC, Mohammad Ahsan Bhoon, has requested the members of the bar and civil society for observing nationwide Black Day.
KARACHI -- Traders are at odds over observing a shutter-down strike on Saturday against the withholding tax imposed on banking transactions by non tax filers.
They don't adhere to a specific schedule or plan, don't set particular observing goals, and rarely keep observing logs.
Understanding and responding to rapid Arctic system change requires the design and deployment of a long-term, cross-disciplinary observing system.
Eta Aquariids--unlike recent years, conditions remained clear for the entire observing period, though full moon coinciding with the predicted date of maximum on May 6 was problematic.
LOS ANGELES (CyHAN)- Join astronomers around the world at lunar observing events on September 22nd for the annual International Observe the Moon Night.
In April 2007, the US Interagency Research Policy Committee (IARPC) called for the development of an Arctic Observing Network (AON) to understand the causes and consequences of Arctic change.
A team of two researchers and one research assistant attended each program, observing before, during, and after each session.
One question that arises in multiple-sample DMTS concerns the relation between DMTS accuracy and the subject's observing behavior, a necessary prerequisite for stimulus control (Dinsmoor, 1985).
Porter, a former math teacher, has turned lecturing into a comic art form by carefully observing and exaggerating the mannerisms of desk-bound women educators, from administers to curators.
The series comprises eight pieces--seven insects and a figurine of Fabre observing Minotaur beetles in a device of his invention.
After observing the little models on green flowers, the observer bees more than doubled their preference for the odd color, the researchers report in an upcoming Biology Letters.
Other criteria include observing the general dimensions of the wood, looking for end tags and observing the color of the wood.
Just getting out of the studio and observing what someone else is doing can be freeing and begin the path to something new and exciting in your own teaching.