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Synonyms for observe

Synonyms for observe

to perceive with a special effort of the senses or the mind

to look at or on attentively or carefully

to state facts, opinions, or explanations

to mark (a day or an event) with ceremonies of respect, festivity, or rejoicing

Synonyms for observe

discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of

observe with care or pay close attention to

behave as expected during of holidays or rites

stick to correctly or closely


conform one's action or practice to


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And be sure to check out the International Observe the Moon Night website.
We carefully monitored the babies and toddlers whose parents allowed us to observe them at baby storytime, looking for signs of distress or discomfort.
Normally, mirror neurons fire when a person takes action or observes the same action taken by others.
Observe what happens to the rubber band as you drop the bottle from a height of 1 meter (3.
It then hastens to distinguish these interpretations from those held by "the Church as such" (49) and observes that these interpretations "have been totally and definitively rejected by the Second Vatican Council" (49).
We need only observe a mother's natural superabundance of love for her children to debunk such an idea.
Observes Alley, "For three decades now knowledge of the personal suffering of dissenters and of the human rights violations associated with the `school prayer' issue have been largely confined to court records.
Monitoring the situation to see whether it is now feasible to observe the market value of the asset or liability.
The shooter believed that the only thing the officer could have done to avoid physical injury would have been to remain seated, observe, and not take action.
Once you carefully observe and go beyond the surface behavior of these people, you can't fail to encounter archetypes.
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Bar Council Thursday made an appeal to legal fraternity throughout country to observe Black Day on Friday to condemn the May 12, 2007 Karachi carnage.
And then comes that moment of indecision: What am I going to observe tonight?
We did not observe such changes in the chronic exposure paradigm used here, a difference that could reflect initiation of compensatory mechanisms to maintain a constant production of these neurotransmitters under conditions of chronic exposure.
After the ceremonies at Eternal Valley, the local chapter of Blue Star Mothers will observe Memorial Day at noon Monday with the addition of more blue stars to three trees at Santa Clarita City Hall, featuring a reading of the names of local personnel in the service.
Election monitors that normally would be expected to observe elections in fledgling democracies like Azerbaijan and Moldova are scheduled to watch the vote in a more established democratic nation the United States," reported Fox News on August 26.
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