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Synonyms for observatory

a high structure or place commanding a wide view

Synonyms for observatory

a building designed and equipped to observe astronomical phenomena

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a structure commanding a wide view of its surroundings

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AP) -- An international science group recently chose Lamar Community College as the site of a $50 million observatory to measure the cosmic rays that continually bombard the Earth.
Observatory MARI is situated on loft spaces of the building of the Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics in Marianska, which is a part of Jachymov town in the Krusne hory Mts.
Over the next three years, McAllister says he plans on developing the observatory to be accessible to astronomers of every level, from amateurs interested in doing a bit of imaging, to students and professionals who find it difficult to book time on institutionally-owned telescopes.
He thanked those who had the vision to create the observatory.
Since 1963, with the construction of the Cerro Tololo observatory on a plateau at 2,200 meters, the mountains around Vicuna-population 8,000--have been recognized as one of the world's most promising locations for optical telescopes.
Time-balls on prominent buildings, dropped at noon in accordance with observatory signals, were often advocated as of special value to mariners in port-cities.
Using a technique called Very Long Baseline Interferomety (VLBI), two radiotelescopes located about 1,000 kilometers apart -- one at the Nobeyama Radio Observatory in Nagano Prefecture and the other at the Taeduk Radio Astronomy Observatory in South Korea -- observed the masers in May and June.
The effort looked just as demanding in the d'Ispahan, as Observatory inched out Hightori by a short head, a result which left Hughes, riding the colt for the first time, exultant.
Kitt Peak National Optical Astronomy Observatory has 24 telescopes aimed skyward around the city's perimeter, and its cadre of astronomers needs a dark sky to work with.
Current and planned seafloor observatory efforts come in two flavors:
The observatory at Birmingham University was opened by the government's chief medical officer Prof Liam Donaldson.
Scientists in France and Italy are planning to establish a 3-km observatory near Pisa, Italy.
Baliunas came to the observatory as a graduate student in 1977.
Graham International Observatory, a world-class group of three to seven telescopes.
LOS ANGELES -- Griffith Observatory officially reopens its doors to the public Friday, November 3, 2006, after completing a comprehensive and ambitious $93 million renovation and expansion project, it was announced today by Antonio R.
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