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an elevated post affording a wide view

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Underlining that the regime forces have "harassed" and did not directly target Turkish observation posts around Idlib, Cavusoglu said: "We have discussed this issue with Russian interlocutors in Moscow three days ago.
Clouds of smoke billowed in the air as regime airstrikes hit targets around the village, and one strike was so close to the Turkish observation post that it damaged the walls.
The army said troops seized the villages of Latamneh, Latmeen, Kfar Zeita and Lahaya, as well as the village of Morek, where Turkey maintains an observation post, pressing ahead its offensive toward Idlib.
Syrian government forces surrounded a Turkish observation post in the northwest Friday after overrunning nearby areas, a war monitor said, while Ankara vowed not to withdraw from its position.
It said the convoy was heading towards two Turkish observation posts in the region when it came under Syrian aircraft fire.
ANKARA -- Turkish soldier was killed and three others were wounded when their observation post in Syria's Idlib region was attacked by shelling and mortar fire from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's troops.
It pointed to the Syrian Army's response to the Ankara-backed National Liberation Front (NFL) terrorists' attack on the government forces' military positions in this region, and said that the observation posts have not come under any missile or artillery attacks by the Syrian Army.
In order to detect any radiation, Russia had earlier deployed six special radiation, chemical, and biological reconnaissance vehicles to Russian observation posts in the immediate vicinity of the demilitarised zone in the province of Idlib, which would regularly carry out an assessment of the radiation, chemical, and biological conditions.
In addition, it was found that all eight soldiers who were on the observation posts on that day were present at the scene of the incident and all of them had traces of copper metallization on them.
The main attention was paid to training exercises in the enemy's rear, organizing observation posts, disguising personnel and military equipment, as well as countering sabotage and reconnaissance groups.
The report points to an increase in the number of missing observation posts, walkthrough gates, scanners, bunkers, concrete barriers, zigzag barriers at entry/exit points, armed security guards and snipers.
Israeli tanks shelled a Hamas observation posts in the Gaza Strip on Thursday in retaliation for explosions denotated near the Israel/Gaza border fence, reports Israeli officials.
"Radar sensors would be set up to protect the border and the process is going on We have already reduced the distance between the Border Observation Posts (BOP)," he said at a press conference at BGB headquarters.
Turkey was mandated to guarantee the deal in Idlib, along with Russia, and was given the greenlight to enter into the northwestern Syrian province and set up observation posts to monitor violence and ensure peace in the region.
Police have also set up special Observation Posts (OPs) on high-rise buildings in the town particularly in congested areas aimed at controlling kite flying and aerial firing.
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