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Synonyms for obscurity

Synonyms for obscurity

absence or deficiency of light

the quality or state of being obscure

Synonyms for obscurity

the quality of being unclear or abstruse and hard to understand

the state of being indistinct or indefinite for lack of adequate illumination


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In the corporate world, while independence and self-reliance are attributes expected from business leaders, great things happen to the bruised and the humbled persons who have grown completely dependent on Him.In Edwards' words, 'The reality is God goes to work on our pride and our flesh in the years of obscurity so that He might get us to the place where He may then exalt us.' In the case of Nurse, his coaching stints overseas were not part of his own plan.
There is no way you can hide in obscurity. You will never get that freedom especially when people start paying you money for your work.
online, own video "That was the more than parents coming to see us," "We've come from obscurity to have a number-one album, but we've seen so many bands do that and then disappear into obscurity again
Indeed, obscurity in the nuclear issue here acts against Iran's interest, if it truly seeks peaceful energy.
The same must apply to millions of performers the world over, who make their living in hotel nightspots or small clubs, yet never break the glass barrier between obscurity and fame - plus the fortune that comes with it.
STAND-IN goalkeeper Jason Brown is relishing the prospect of entering Blackburn's relegation fight - and insists he prefers the pressure to being in mid-table obscurity.
2 : the state of being unknown or forgotten <He lived in obscurity.>
How does music like this live in such obscurity? Sounding similar to Maximum Joy or Pop Group, the low bop in these songs and wiry Cure-like vocals are an excellent missing puzzle piece to excavate from the depths.
I wish to focus in this essay on two questions traditionally asked about the Prologue's lines about Priscian: First, since the grammarian's Institutiones grammaticae, the textbook that is Maries ostensible reference, says nothing about authorial obscurity, intentional or otherwise, from where did Marie derive her notion that verbal enigmas were designed to inspire later commentary?
By program's end Reed had successfully propelled himself from obscurity to minor fame as the Lord Haw-Haw of the Cold War.
This new edition of "The Cardinal's Snuff-Box" from Idylls Press is a true 'time lost' literary treasure that is once again made available to a whole new generation of readers and will serve to re-introduce Henry Harland as a gifted novelist deserving rescue from obscurity.
Her post-war research will lead Watson and Crick to their discovery of the structure of DNA, will lead a scientific revolution, and will be doomed to obscurity: all told in a biography of one of the best female researchers of the 20th century.
Rather than recount legislative battles at length, or highlight the research of academic superstars and public intellectuals, From Welfare to Workfare offers us an intimate portrait of decent officials struggling (typically working at the second tier in relative obscurity) with issues that haunt us today.
Former vice presidents of the United States usually follow one of two paths upon leaving office: run for the office of the presidency and, achieving that post, move on to create their own presidential legacy, or fade into obscurity (also considered to be "Plan B" for those who fail at option one).
The script may represent a regional invention that died out in relative obscurity. However, Houston suspects that it spread across southern Mexico.