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Synonyms for obscurity

Synonyms for obscurity

absence or deficiency of light

the quality or state of being obscure

Synonyms for obscurity

the quality of being unclear or abstruse and hard to understand

the state of being indistinct or indefinite for lack of adequate illumination


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online, own video "That was the more than parents coming to see us," "We've come from obscurity to have a number-one album, but we've seen so many bands do that and then disappear into obscurity again
On the other hand, Iran cannot, at a time when it seeks to improve its regional situation, isolate the obscurity surrounding its nuclear intentions from its relations with neighboring countries.
This collection of parables, with the Parable of the Sower at its beginning and functioning as its thematic heart, together with its medieval commentary tradition, as I will detail below, would have provided Marie with a theory of obscurity remarkably like that she describes in her Prologue.
After charting his rapid descent into obscurity, Nadelson writes that "not even the security of socialism could protect him from the defection of his fans.
In addition to attempting to rescue Goldberg's reputation from obscurity, Buckland seeks to analyze the reasons for the obscurity in the first place.
Lukacher has rescued a great Romantic imagination from obscurity.
Though his work fell into relative obscurity immediately after his death, it was revitalized in the Second World War when Winston Churchill quoted lines from "Say not the struggle naught availeth" during his efforts to attain American cooperation, including "Westward, look, the land is bright.
For a man so influential in so many realms of society--politics and religion, journalism and business--Barton slid into obscurity after his death with surprising speed.
He transitions from relative obscurity to one of the cool kids when he gets his hands on a "squip," a small supercomputer designed to make people cooler once they ingest it.
Auditors and actuaries once may have labored in obscurity, but since the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002, their work has gained the attention of chief executive officers, boards of directors and investors.
But light is only half the story, for darkness--the obscurity in the camera obscura--is also needed to make a photograph: both the darkness of darkrooms and camera interiors, and the occlusion of light that is necessarily part of any photographic inscription.
But Brian Myrow is used to toiling in obscurity, something he has done his entire professional career.
Having shared the experience of starting skating with him, I've always known of his natural ability and his eye for obscurity.
Although WIC operates in relative obscurity, the $5.
Lallement died in obscurity, but his invention rived on and Bicycle chronicles its adventures right up to the present time.