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a policy of opposition to enlightenment or the spread of knowledge

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a deliberate act intended to make something obscure

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It is not an easy task to undo decades of indoctrination through the curriculum; however, the provinces, under the jurisdiction granted to them by the 18th Amendment, can take the lead by reviewing their textbooks and removing material that promotes hatred and obscurantism. Instead of brainwashing our youth with doubtful notions, the education system needs to equip them with the tools necessary to compete in the world of tomorrow.
Thoughts against obscurantism also hold the main place in her works.
He said NCHR will compile a comprehensive report on rebutting the false narrative of obscurantism and the promotion of fundamental constitutional rights and universal human values.
The Leadership Is Leading Society to Lowest Levels of Obscurantism
Mahatir's emphasis on science, especially computer science, helped Malaysia move away from obscurantism and towards becoming a tolerant, peaceful country.
Obscurantism. The list is much longer, but those four lead a great many lesser mortals astray; one of them, painfully so: experimentation.
Obscurantism is an intellectual style characterized by attempts to evade critical scrutiny.
"Such a statement reeks of mediaeval obscurantism, discredits modern Russia and is shameful of the party which he represents," he told the Lekhaim Jewish magazine.
This is obscurantism, xenophobia and Little Englanderism of the worse sort.
Minister of State for Media Affairs, Mohammad Momani, said that this cowardly attack is a new proof of the obscurantism of these terrorist organizations, forces of darkness and their hostilities and hatred toward humanity and life.
In the Book of Condolences the President wrote that the Government of Cyprus condemns the atrocious attack in Nice, adding that on the anniversary of the Bastille Day and the victory of the democratic values which inspired the whole world, France was struck by brutality and obscurantism. He said that Cyprus express sincere condolences to the families of the victims and its full solidarity with the Government and the people of France.
Salam hailed the memory of the martyrs of the military and security forces "who sacrificed their lives to preserve the security of the homeland and of its sons, as well as the souls of the victims who fell in the terrorist attacks in Lebanon, the most recent of which the explosions that rocked Qaa village." "Attacks of obscurantism continue by various forms, what requires support for our military and security forces and total confidence in their performance and ability to deal with this scourge and any attempt to undermine the security and stability of this country," said the PM.
Even the draconian decade of Zia's obscurantism was without an official cultural policy.
According to the above, as well as tens of other reasons, the people of Bamyan realize that the latest decision of National Unity Government Cabinet is unwise, and the obstinacy in insisting to adhere to such decision in light of the above is autocratic and an example of obscurantism. So we state our demands, through this demonstration to which thousands have participated, as follows: 1.
On the whole, the Inquirer coverage of Menorca's arrest smacks of bigotry and religious obscurantism.