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in a lewd and obscene manner


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However, flatness is not the only common denominator of fine and applied, of painterly and photographic; just as salient is Overby's almost obscenely lush treatment of lipsticks, facial masks, and ointments as tautological figures for paint.
Some were driving at obscenely fast speeds and the others were just driving too fast for the conditions and were not able to control their vehicles.
The languid Venus is a "demonic phantom," and the children represent "nightmare terrors" (141) who are about to stir up a hornet's nest as they obscenely play with lance and conch shell.
Competition was brutal, not only over deals, but over "deal toys," obscenely expensive crystal knickknacks purchased from Neiman Marcus to commemorate such triumphs.
Power was in the hands of a few obscenely wealthy families.
Former marine, now famous artist, tall, handsome Chase Malone is asked by an obscenely wealthy international arms dealer, Derek Ballasar, to paint a portrait of his young, beautiful wife Sienna (before he kills her as he has done three other wives).
For weeks, the hellish scenes have been lavishly, obscenely portrayed for all to see, over and over again, on television, in magazines and newspapers.
All of this work is obscenely time-consuming," Schiff points out.
As in 1938, the Bartender is a grotesque figure with a large, padded stomach that he heaves up obscenely with hands high on his thighs.
Where was the criticism of Clinton when he defended Boris Yeltsin's brutal attack on Chechnya by obscenely comparing it to Abraham Lincoln's war to unify the states?
Evelyn Amato, 31, said the man in a cat costume yanked her from her seat, grabbed her head and obscenely thrust his pelvis at her face.
and lobbying wizard Robert Keith Gray, until recently chairman of Hill and Knowlton Worldwide--The Power House details how obscenely well-paid flacks for special interest groups, not democratically elected representatives, have in the Reagan/Bush years constituted a proxy government that helped determine domestic and foreign policy--including the Gulf War.
Back from the grave and obscenely funny, Lenny Bruce fought for free speech by inciting social and politically profane expression through thought-provoking humor.
Compared to many of our peers abroad, the cost of bus and rail travel can be obscenely high, while the quality and reliability of what's on offer varies wildly.
Apart from the TV interviews, the magazine photoshoots, the endless selfies, the constant stream of self-promotion on social networking sites, the publicity circus of an obscenely ostentatious wedding, the phone app that reportedly will earn her more than PS100million.